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Jan 17, 2011
Daydreaming, feeling happy, acting stupid just because "that" person is there. Doesn't being in love feel the same, regardless the gender? Just as tragic yuri stories became getting on my nerves, I found this one.

Being girls doesn't seem to get in the way of anyone except of Julia's manager, who tends to smack Julia on the head whenever doing something stupid. Getting mushy on some small parts, but mostly being purely a comedy, this is a manga about that awkward, cute love story between "an incompetent and an airhead", called that multiple times.

The art was nice, a little bit old-fashioned though, with big eyes and read more
Dec 25, 2010
What happens to the gods when people stop believing in them? Do they disappear, or simply go back home? While finding a person you love, is "forever" a simple word?

This is, simply, a story about a merchant travelling and selling goods, trying to get by the best way possible, with a little fantasy put in as his companion is a pagan goddess, trying to get home. The story is simple, at the same time deep and complex, it relaxes you while making you think. Being composed almost completely out of dialogue, it never becomes repetitive or boring.

People, nature, rural buildings appearing around them while travelling read more
Dec 21, 2010
What is right and wrong? Who decides this anyway? When the time comes, will you do things based on what you think is right, or what other people say is?

When I first started watching this, it was some form of a "guilty pleasure" decision, while I thought it was going to be just another under-developed hentai (or half-hentai, as I used to call it). I was very pleasantly surprised.
Believe me, this is NOT a hentai. Yes, the main character does have sex with multiple girls over the course of the series, but these scenes have a meaning. More important thing is how they got to read more