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Mar 30, 2019
If you've made it as far as the sixth season you're probably well aware of the charm and appeal of Natsume. What I'm here to call everyone's attention to however is this season has PEAK Nyanko-sensei animation. You will be treated to love, bounciness, cuteness, care and attention put into each frame of art that is the upmost joy to watch out of this calico cat. The likes of which you didn't realized would be topped from before. Okay, thank you for coming to my TED talk

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Mar 15, 2015
With an all male cast, you'd expect the producers to take the usual fan-service route as we watch the bight, glistening lives of these up and coming idols. But Shounen Hollywood gave me a pleasant surprise.

First, this show won't please everyone. That's just that. For the same reason not everyone loves a bubbly romance or a quirky comedy, it's all preference and personal taste. Also this is just going to be an informal review focusing on the pros of the series.

If you've been watching loads of fast pace, action packed shows and need a little breather, then maybe you might want to give this read more