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Nov 19, 2017
“La mort est le commencement de l'immortalité” – Maximilien de Robespierre

Death is the beginning of immortality – the immortality where everyone is even. And since only in the face of death we all are equal, the grim reaper will be the one to set us free from the inequity and prejudice called “life”.

Ignorance, greed and debauchery of aristocrats flourish, while poor folk keep on being humiliated, starved and treated like dogs. Fires of the French Revolution blaze brighter and brighter, painting the horizon of a new day with red, white and blue. Like fireworks on the Versailles balls – they plunge high into the sky read more
Nov 7, 2017
-Oh, dear Lord its coming!
-A two hundred feet tall wave of sh*t!
-Its too late to run, its everywhere!
-Noo, no God please no, noooooooooooo!!!

No, I’m not talking about the review, I’m talking about manga.

Just how deep should a brain cancer go, in order to bring a “masterpiece” like that! The author probably had a diarrhea and by some miraculous mistake confused it with his work and took that sh*t to the editors, who also happened to have a heat stroke, so they approved that. APPROVED FOR 4 HUNDRED PLUS F**CKING CHAPTERS!!!

That is the example of when the industry is in stagnation and lack of fresh read more
Aug 13, 2017
Now that, is seriously an unexpected but a very pleasant surprise. Damn, that is something really lighting up! Dancing TV shows have really been a trend lately, but what I’ve just witnessed is something much more impressive. The anime is 100% about ballroom dancing exclusively.

This is the very first anime series dedicated to professional ballroom dancing, if I’m correct, hell, that’s the first anime dedicated to dancing at all! There’s been lots of shows about all other kinds of sports like basketball, football, baseball, tennis, volleyball, swimming,… and tooons of others, and finally, FINALLY, we’ve got to ballroom dancing, which can’t make me anything but read more
Jun 30, 2017
Just to clear the situation - nobody has done something like this before. And I'm not talking about Hitler and the WW2. I'm talking about the manga adaptation of his work "Mein Kampf".

Now since the Japanese did take the German's side in the World War 2, it is not strange that Hitler's person is been used in anime and manga (not often, but sometimes we can see it, like in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shaballa or Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn). But the idea of making an adaptation of "Mein Kampf" is something rare, one of a kind even, I might say. And though read more
Jun 17, 2017
Wow, that is outstanding! That’s the idea that kept pulsing through my brain after I’ve read the Drag-On Dragoon Shi ni Itaru Aka. It’s something ground-, mind- and everythingintheworldbreaking. Yoko Taro – the master of humans’ hearts dark corners this time has brought to us something as unique and breathtaking as it is flawless in its own madness.

The beauty of this creation can not be equal to any other manga, because it is indeed colossal and unrepeatable. The diamond that makes Drag-On Dragoon series a work of genius is not the storyline, but the characters. Sick, twisted and bloodthirst “heroes” that will set the whole read more
Jun 11, 2017
Now it has been a while since I’ve read The Breaker, so I’m sorry if I won’t stay strict to details. Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt this manhwa series is one of the best in martial arts genre. I’m sure I’ll have a 100% support by saying that. Indeed it’s a very high level manga, that may interest not only fans of seinen and action genres but all the manga lovers as well.

Starting with the storyline, I can say that it is pretty simple, but interesting and unique at the same time. Nothing special, still not boring, and the read more
Mar 23, 2017
Oh, I hope that I’ll be the first to write the review when all the Naruto anime series end. Well, what should I start with… 15 years. For FIFTEEN years this anime brought me joy and unspeakable emotions. For FIFTEEN years it taught me right from wrong. For FIFTEEN years it … it’s been a guide of light for me. Jeez, I was raised on this anime, I became older with its characters, I just LOVE IT!!!

The Naruto series started when I was in a preschool age, and for 15 years it never stopped to surprise me. Though read more
Mar 3, 2017
Gorgeous. This word can fully describe everything what I think of Attack on Titan. Gorgeous plot, gorgeous characters, gorgeous dark fantasy world, gorgeous art style&spec effects, gorgeous music, gorgeous structure of the show, GOD – IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! There is no other anime like this, that could be so GORGEOUS IN EVERY WAY! It just doesn’t have any flaws at all! The way WIT studio has shown this anime is so brilliant, unique and groundbreaking that I have no other choice than to say: ”This is an Everest of anime industry”... , and I swear on my soul – it’s true.

read more
Feb 25, 2017
For me this anime was an unexpected discovery. One rainy day I was wandering through some internet anime fan’s pages when I suddenly saw “the best 2016’th anime” discussion, and this show(1’st season) was in top. I seriously don’t know where I’ve been in the previous year, but without a shadow of a doubt I can call it one of the best.

Now that the 1’st season is over, the second one not only didn’t low its level, but made a step forward. The jokes became funnier, characters are more versatile, secondary characters appear more often on the screen and are paid more attention to, and read more
Feb 15, 2017
Spoilers alert!!!

Finally, I came to write a review about my best and most beloved anime – Hellsing Ultimate. There are so many things that I want to say about it, that I’m just afraid of being lost in this forest of thoughts. Well, I must start with the words that this is the remake of the original Hellsing (2001). Often when I say “remake”, I put some negative meaning in it, but not this time, oooooh, definitely not this time. Because this time I wasn’t just amased and dragged into this world, I believed every single word that came out of the Reich Major’s mouth, read more