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Dec 6, 2016
I Say wtf is this.

Before 10 minutes i experienced something what destroy my life for next 20 days.

Andentures in Beauy Wonderlnd is one more "Masterpiece" from Japan and Japanise anime culuture from Tanaami Keiichi and Lewis Carroll as original creator of this Masterpiece.

Like in my previous review, again i dont get idea what the hell happen this. Dont know name of character, or what is point of his or her adventure, but have some plot unlike another bad anime i watch like Aki no Puzzle.

Main chatacters travel through the Wonderland i meet new exeprience is only idea i get.

So, at end i read more
Dec 5, 2016
Wtf i watch yesterday. This anime is proof that Japan can make the biggest shit in anime history. This anime deserves low rate than Skelter Heaven or Mars of Destruction, because this two shows have some plot and idea even i hated them, too.

I dont get any idea what happend here, some bad pictures or what.
Art style is like some 7 year child draw this. However there is some sound but that is pathetic.

I dont waste anymore time too write this review but be warned dont watch this anime, even it is short, there is nothing smart to see.
Dec 5, 2016
This is my first review ever. (Like some test to me) Dont hate this my english is bad so i try write something.

This is most wierd and most ugly anime ever watch. But even is bad i recommented to everyone.

Story 1/10
There is no story. I dont get any point what happend in this anime.

Art 1/10
Art is very bad, i say to my self wtf is this.

Sound 2/10
Sound is only think who is little better than other thinks, but also very bad.

Characters 1/10
Who is characters here i dont even remember.

Enjoyment 1/10
I dont enjoy this show. Who can enjoy at all, this was wtf. If you read more