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Jun 1, 2014
When you pick up this book
You will surely be hooked
A shounen, drama, romance about a guy
Who is scared to try.

But don’t judge a book by the beginning story
Otherwise you’ll be sorry
A tale of one’s determination and grit
You will keep your eyes lit

A beautiful girl with a troubled past
Now that’s something that will make it last
Characters are weird, but humorous and playful
There are developments along the way

While it may be a typical plot
You will like it a lot!
Enjoy the ending this manga offers

(you can tell how much I like this manga if I was this bothered to write a poem)
Jan 15, 2014
Judging by the cover of Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of lovers, I thought this was just another typical cliche harem, you know, high school environment, different females for the male lead to choose. As I was progressing through the anime, I realized the plot was very "unique" and was driven by "unique" characters. Mashiroro Symphony does not follow the typical harem outline. Does that mean this anime was outstanding? exceptional?


Personally, I don't mind if a harem is cliched or not, i was not expecting a unique plot, just your typical average harem. even if it was different I wouldn't mind it. So what went wrong?

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