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Mar 8, 2014
I decided to write this review because the other reviews I felt wasn't giving the Cat Planet Cuties justice. So going into this anime I was not expecting a revolutionary series that was going to change the way I felt about anime, I watched Cat Planet Cuties expecting to see bouncy boobs with a bit of action and hopefully a story plot i wouldn't hate.

Since i hate the long drawn out reviews I will try to keep it short and sweet. Cat Planet Cuties delivers a fun anime, with great art(bouncy boobs). I was originally expecting an anime that I would hate the read more
Aug 2, 2012
First off if you have not watched the Kurokami anime there is really no reason you should watch Tora to Tsubasa.

Kurokami: Tora to Tsubasa is a good fan add on to the final story. It takes two side characters who had a vague but important role in the main story and develops those characters into two somewhat enjoyable characters to watch.

It was worth the watch after watching the whole season of Kurokami just to see how they interacted but if there was more episodes like this one i dont think i would continue to watch.
Jul 26, 2012
Beck (Anime) add (All reviews)
The story was great, but not the best part of this amazing tale of a shy boy who had the soul of a rock god laying in him. Read higher if you want to know the main points but the thing that set this anime apart from your regular run of the mill anime is the amazing sound! Every episode I was instantly hooked on a new tune and thirsting for the next, I still can't get the last cover out.

This anime set out with the goal of putting good music into my soul and it thoroughly succeeded. Watch it once for the story, twice read more
Jul 5, 2011
So if you are looking for a gentle review of this semi-mediocre ninja anime you are reading the wrong review.

The first half of the first episode my first thought was like.... Awesome this is gonna be almost like a but of a modern naruto. By the time I got to the end of the first episode I was fully convinced that this anime could set itself aside from naruto altogether. A couple of the characters were already deemed BA's(bad asses) to me and others had the ability to that all about sums up the things i liked.

Now for the bad qualities is read more
Jul 20, 2009
Alright i started this anime with extremely high hopes....i dont know maybe i was just expecting too much. From what i read on the synopsis and how the first couple episodes goes, if this anime progressed more fluently it would have easily gotten a 9 or 10 from me. It starts out wit a pretty dang good storyline but it then just about stops everything just to show past events. I mean don't get me wrong a background ep here or there is great but when they take more then half the season for flashback episodes it got really annoying. Then they never really show read more