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Jul 8, 2015
After watching the sublime beauty that was Mars of Destruction, I figured it was impossible for Yoshiteru Satou and company to top themselves. Somehow, they managed to do just that through Skelter Heaven, possibly the single greatest work in the history of any medium of film. A truly nerve-bludgeoning and relentlessly exciting masterpiece.

I remain perpetually amazed by how magnificently Satou keeps the tension up; there is not a single moment in this 19-minute OVA that isn't operating at 100%. Throughout the duration of this relatively short episode, the audience is presented with enthralling dialogue, a galvanizing plotline, exhilarating action, and heartbreaking tragedy. At times, I read more
Mar 19, 2015
While there's certainly qualities in this show that are really good, I found myself rather unimpressed to be brutally honest.

Story - 3/10

Kousei Arima was a prodigy at playing the piano. He dominated every competition on a regular basis by playing the music perfectly as it was intended by the composer. He was so dominant to the point where he became famous among child and adult musicians alike. However, after the death of his mother (who was also his instructor), he was unable to cope with it and eventually lost the ability to hear the piano. He then quit shortly after. For the next couple of read more