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Feb 17, 2015
Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn Is one of 8 Yuusha series and this series is the 3rd entry. I first entered the Yuusha Franchise by the popular series called GaoGaiGar and Yuusha Da Garn is the second series I watched. So far the Yuusha Series did not disappoint and were very enjoyable.

The plot is about a young boy named Seiji who is choosen to be the leader and commander of the earth guardians (who in this case are super powered robots) to protect the world from Orbus a space pirate who destroys planets by stealing the planet energy.

Story: The plot is episodic at first but read more
Aug 1, 2014
Every year there is a Lupin special that is over an hour. In 2012 it was Another Page. I look forward to these specials because Lupin and his gang are some of my favorite characters.

Story: The story is about Lupin looking for Marco Polos hidden treasure and then being suspected for murder. While Lupin and Jigen are dealing with that Fujiko is working with the enemy (should not be a suprise). Goemon is trying find him self in the mountains somewhere and encounters a strange family. The story is actually not bad for a Lupin special it just could have been executed better. It read more
Mar 23, 2014
Kyou kara Ore wa!! Is another delinquent anime, but a real good one. I am a sucker for anime about delinquents for example Yu Yu Hakusho , GTO, Shonan Junai Gumi(the prequel to GTO), and Tenjou Tenge. Kyou kara Ore wa is closer to the likes of Shonan Junai Gumi and the beginning of Yu Yu hakusho. This Ova though holds its own against all those anime mentioned earlier which is not easy to do. Anyways onto the review;

Story: The story does not have an overall plot or big arc story-line that it follows, it is more like an episodic anime. The anime starts read more
Mar 8, 2014
08th MS Team is one of the best anime I have ever seen and definitely the best Gundam anime I have watched. That is why I wanted to watch Miller's Report to see if I can get some more from this anime that ended to soon. I was hoping for a side story, but unfortunately it did not live up to the anime and was just a recap episode that dumbs down some of the best scenes from the anime.

Story: There is really no story to this. Miller's is a earth fed that has to write a report on Shiro Amada read more
Mar 7, 2014
Domain of Murder is a simple old school detective story, and it was pretty fun to watch. Its just a single episode based on a random case from the manga it was adapted from.

story: The story is about a private detective working for a firm taking on a case to find a disturbed killer. This story about the killer has a twist I have never seen in an anime before or anything else in matter of fact. It makes you think would we have done the same thing if we were in his shoes or what would we have done different. it might have not read more
Feb 16, 2014
Shigurui is one of my favorite stories of all time but I almost chose not to read it due to the fact that I really did not like the anime and how it was done. In the end I gave the manga a chance and loved every moment of it.

the plot
The story is about two great swordsmen one is blind and crippled and the other has lost an arm. They are sworn Enemies and hate each other read more
May 26, 2012
Every year they come out with a new Lupin the Third special. I have watched up to 14 of them and Lupin III episode 0 First Contact has to be the best one so far.

The story is about how Everyone of the main characters in Lupin III franchise met each other for the first time. Lupin III , Fujiko , Jigen, Goemon and Inspector Zenigata are the characters in the story. Lupin, Fujiko and Goemon are all after the same artifact and Jigen is working for the mafia that has the treasure. Inspector Zenigata is following a lead on the criminal Fujiko. The setting Takes read more
Apr 7, 2012
I am surprised no one has written a review of this anime yet. Its kind of intimidating being the first one to write a review about a classic Anime like Lupin the third Part 2.

Well lets get onto the review.The plot is about the adventures of famous thief lupin the third and his partners Jigen ( one of the best marksman in the world) Goemon (the samurai and thief that can even cut steel) And Fujiko ( a beautiful thief spy who often betrays Lupin and his partners) There is no real overall story just like Lupin Part 1 its basically episodic unless there is read more
Jul 28, 2011
Ayatsuri Sakon is anime about a young boy puppet master who is skilled at using puppets and soliving cases involving murder.

The story of Ayatsuri Sakon is About A Young shy boy named Sakon and his puppet Ukon getting involved in some weird cases involing murder and it is up to them to solve these cases. The story is really kool becasue its not episodic but instead they are like 3 or 4 episode arcs which is really different than im use to. Its like watching a mini movie every arc.

Art/animation: 9
The art and animiation were great it had that old school anime feel. Characters read more
Mar 29, 2011
LOGH has been rated really high on this site for a long time. When I first came to MAL I was interested in watching more great anime, so LOGH being so highly rated was one of the first animes added to my plan to watch list. I never really got to it though because I wasn't sure how good it was going to be since it was pretty old and long 110 episodes. Now that I finally watched it, I can say that LOGH is truly deserving of that high rating and mabey even more.
Even though I watched the series first (which is why I read more