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Apr 1, 2020
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is, I feel I can safely say, a kidney stone in anime history. I'm sure some of you are familiar with kidney stones, seeing as most of you are 28 and haven't drank anything other than Mountain Dew since you were 12. In short, they're basically crystals that form in your kidney that you, eventually, have to piss out. Typically this process is very bloody and very very painful and can take a long time depending on how big the stone is. Suzumiya is a stone that needs to be passed through anime's collective urethra so we can finally put read more
Mar 31, 2020
In the year 2007 A.D., a fire was brewing in the Kyoto Animation studio. Fresh off the success of Haruhi Suzumiya and smelling of farts and ramen-scented body odor, the staff of KyoAni developed an ingenious plan to further milk countless wads of cashmoney from pathetic losers and pedophiles on both sides of the pacific: take a popular 4 panel comic series ripe with the elements that made Suzumiya a financial success (pandering to shut in weeaboos with lolicon action figure collections and terabytes of hentai) and turn it into an equally horrendous anime series. After spending tireless hours handcrafting only the stalest jokes, the read more
Feb 7, 2020
Do you want to be manly?

Are you feeling tired of high school girls in miniskirts and pre-pubescent skinny high school boys that pander to every single weeaboo on both sides of the pacific? Tired of being spoonfed the same Isekai and moe shit year after year. Stop whatever you are doing, pull up your pants, close your hentai tabs, slide the chair back and stick around as Fist of the North Star teaches you the art of manliness!

I watched this anime, no this MANime and a foot-long beard popped out of my glass chin, my max bench increased by 100lbs and my testicles doubled in read more
Mar 22, 2016
Listen up kids.

This right here is what you call a good fucking "anime" movie. Yes i know, those exist, right? Way back, millennia ago, before dinosaurs become extinct and before anime movies weren't only a weeabo-loser and pedophilia pander, good movies, heck even stupid movies reigned supreme.

Now you might be asking yourself, hey but this is a Miyazaki flick, doesn't he always have some pre-teen girl as the lead in his movies so that pedophiles from all around the globe can cream their unwashed jeans. Well yes, and actually no, this one is an exception hence why Im writing a review for Porco Rosso and read more