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Apr 20, 2018
This manga is really not well known at all, and that's a shame. It doesn't even have any reviews, so I'll be writing one.

At first when I started reading Hone ga Kusaru I didn't really have any high hopes, since there must be a reason why people don't read it right? But the beautiful and interesting cover art pulled me in, anyway. I expected this to manga to really blow and have some sort of misunderstanding about the person the group killed.

To my pleasant surprise, it really doesn't pull back it's punches. The art is phenomenal, the characters feel real, and it has read more
Apr 13, 2018
This 4 episode OVA is really fucking bad. I don't reccommend watching this. Instead, here's what you should do:

1. Watch the anime (not this, but season 1)
2. Read the manga from the beginning again (or just skip step 1 and go right to this, but the season 1 is really good)

the ending of this one sucks balls compared to the manga, I wouldn't even have cared if they cut out even MORE of the few amount of stuff they've shown, just so they could implement a better ending. Maybe it was because the manga author had a better idea for the ending in his mind read more