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Nov 5, 2011
Tokage (Manga) add (All reviews)
Okay- not the best thing I've ever read, but it was pretty d@mn good. It was a nail biting, on the edge of your seat, "gasp- oh no he just DIDN'T" kind of manga. Perfect 9. The art was great, story was great, the characters were well developed. If I could change one thing about this manga, I would want to make it longer, but a mangaka knows better than anyone what they want to do with their story so, kudos to Haibara.
I'm not going to give any spoilers; mostly, I couldn't believe someone hadn't already written a review for this masterpiece. Give it read more
Feb 19, 2011
Hi no Matoi is a great story and I cannot wait until more of its chapters are translated. The art is BEAUTIFUL and the characters are very enjoyable. So far the story is a little typical (not too much but a little), but everything else makes up for that. If you're a sucker for romance then this is not the book for you. This is a book about brotherly love and the struggle to be accepted- and the heir to a samurai clan trying to escape people who would kill him for his title. The main protagonist, Sakura, ends up staying with the ku-gumi a read more
Feb 19, 2011
Okay- I admit that my review is slightly biased by my love for Rihito Takarai's art (I am an art junky) but, it really was a great story- and sweet. It's one of those stories that makes you go "aw" every 2 and a half pages. I really enjoyed it- it was just one of those stories that make you feel happy. It's a very light shounen-ai so if your wary of that kind of stuff, don't be; its worth it.
Dec 20, 2010
Okay, this is my very FIRST review ever written, and I hope it helps manga readers find what they're looking for.

Teen spirit is a really good story, overlooked, but a funny read. For any romantics out there, this probably isn't your kind of book, but it's about an entertainment company seeking out memembers for the next "hot" band. Scanalators are still woking on it so I haven't got very far, but they are already layering their characters and setting up a plot: so far all of the band members seem to either a) hate each other or b) be content with one another because of read more