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Apr 7, 2010
It's hard to describe Deadman Wonderland. It's definitely not a Naruto or an FMA or a Vampire Knight. It's much better than all that- but only for the right kind of person. Because the biggest caution about the series is the amount of gore involved, and despite the brilliant and innovative story, if you get queasy easily- I don't recommend it.

Deadman Wonderland is a brilliantly crafted, innovative, and fresh story that breaks away from all the other manga out there. It's dark, morbid and creepy, and it won't try to delude you with false happiness. There is no "joy". There are only people trying to read more
Aug 10, 2009
I don't remember what it was at first that drew me to Gundam 00, because I ended up in love with it all too fast, which is why I'll try my hardest to toss aside any bias.

I haven't seen any of the previous Gundams, I knew about them of course, but never actually sat down and watched them. Partly because 00 had a more sleek art style and partly because the instant contradictions within the plot and characters intrigued me.

This review may contain hints of spoilers, but nothing explicit and flat out.

STORY- The story is political, to say the least. Because this read more