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Aug 11, 2015
Art: What a feast for the eyes. This is a truly beautiful manhua. It is colored throughout, but even without colors, the character designs are absolutely gorgeous.

Story: Sadly, no matter how beautiful the art, it wasn't enough to make up for the poor story line and characters. Granted, this is a very short manhua. Thus, there's not much room for development. Nevertheless, the heroine is complete mess. We're forced to think that she's a strong-willed woman when really she's just a whiny brat.

This is fine for a quick read and great as candy for the eyes, but don't go in expecting anything more.
Jul 7, 2014
Mangakas of the romance genre often try to spice up their plots by putting their main couple through many dramatic obstacles in their relationships like third party involvement or family affairs, dragging the readers along for a roller coaster ride of heartaches.

Bonnouji has none of this. Nothing really happens. The best way to summarize this is that 2 apartment-mates meet and fall in love. And yet it manages to capture your attention from page 1 all the way to the very end.

Relationships don't need to be spiced up and dramatized. Bonnouji zeroes in on the comedy arising from the awkwardness and trickiness of 2 people read more
Jul 5, 2014
Inconsistent. This applies to everything from its characters to the plot lines, and even the art, which makes it really hard for the readers to sink their teeth into the story.

I believe the author tried way too hard to make it an epic historical romance like rurouni kenshin or saiunkoku monogatari, but this definitely was a let down.

The greatest bane of the story is the main character herself - Shin Bia. In fact, the title is rather apt. She is quite the nutcase. The author sets her up to be the stereotypical strong and independent orphan who knows all sorts of martial arts. However, read more
Jan 12, 2012
One of my most favourite genres is historical. And I get really excited especially when it's Chinese as I love the beauty and elegance of the Han period. Sadly, entertainment of such a genre is hard to come by. Even harder to find is a good one. After incredible shows like Saiunkoku Monogatari, I've always been on the search for similar works. I thought I had finally found it in Flower Ring.

I thought wrong.

Where shall I begin to describe my disappointment?

Everything from the characters to the plot is shallow. The antagonist literally pops up of nowhere, and the ending came so suddenly that it read more
Nov 17, 2010
I shall spare you a summary of the manga and go straight to my opinion of it:

Art: Not the best. The facial shape of the characters were quite strange at times, but every now and then the art was good.

Characters: Very one dimensional. The mangaka tried to add some complexity to the characters, but then again, short mangas are usually without real characterization. The female is your usual weak damsel in distress and the male is forceful and somewhat introverted, constantly keeping his "true love" hidden.

Plot: Very very cliché. You knew exactly what was going to happen.

Overall, it was a fair quick read, but read more