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Jun 7, 2011
I was suggested this anime by a friend, as he made me watch a few amv's.... and my initial comment/observation was "looks like one of those ambiguously yaoi animes...". He laughed, but he didn't deny it....and that made me apprehensive.

Going into the first few episodes, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how well the writers had done, drawing me in to the plot and characters. The apprehension was gone.

The story wasn't anything amazing...but it had a solid functional premise to build upon and was clearly going to be more character/story-driven(which I prefer, most often) than action-driven.

Then came that ambiguous yaoi I'd read more
Mar 20, 2008
Don't let the name fool you...

The story behind Lovely Complex is hardly "complex" by any means, however its wit more than makes up for its lack of story depth.

Honestly, this is a great romantic comedy, even though the romantic side of Lovely Complex is completely dwarfed by the quality humor ever-present throughout the series. I think that is probably why it works so well, it is abundantly clear within the first episode that this series doesn't make the mistake of taking itself TOO seriously like so many others.

The humor is something caught in the middle of outright slapstick and surprisingly clever...which is read more
Mar 18, 2008
How to describe Peach Girl....

In a word; forgettable.

The story is completely over-the-top melodrama, filled with plot-twists that even soap-writers would find unrealistic. girl(momo) has history with guy A(touji), girl's friend(sae) is out to sabotage her life at every bend, girl meets guy B(kairi), guy B chases girl...who is in love with guy A...while girl's "friend" continues to try and sabotage her life. Cliche angsty love-triangle ensues, rinse and repeat.

There is literally nothing in this story that you either haven't seen done (better) before, beyond the wacky twists that are hardly believable in the realm of reality.

The art style, while somewhat unique, read more