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Mar 24, 2019
Mind you I havent read the sequel "Slow Days" but slow starter is exactly like the title. It's very slow but super duper adorable, finished it with in one day, so you can get a feel of how it sucked me into it.

My only two complaint is maybe because I am not 100% great at reading mangas but the talking bubbles started to get confusing. I would always get mixed up of who is saying what and sometimes it pissed me off so much that it would ruin the moment for me alot
I would just be so confused on what going on, and then read more
Feb 13, 2019
All I really need to say is very simple, WHERE IS SEASON 2!

This show likes to keep you wondering, it gives you enough little hints to help you understand the relationships but not really. They keep you on cliffhangers the whole damn season, but that is what makes it such a good put together show! I would be wanting more and more lol. I wish they would have dived more into what happened to Tohru and hear back story but everything else I had no complaints. Drunken Kobayashi is the best fucking moments. The visual is really beautiful I love each and every one read more