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Oct 10, 2017
Well, I first read the manga, then I went directly to the webnovels and read everything available, and I must admit, I was quite hyped. For those thinking on starting it, let this be said: MC is OP, and so are his servants, yup, if you are expecting him to struggle, that will be kinda rare.

Think about it like in DBZ, how can he get even stronger? Well, he gets stronger, can he get even stronger? Yup, is he the strongest? The strongest demons, dragons and the Hero are still stronger, well, all important characters get kinda broken skills anyway... Think Predator and Great Sage read more
May 28, 2017
Well, as a fan of the mecha genre who liked the previous Aquarions, once I heard this one was bad that people even dropped it, well, I thought about trying it myself long after it was released, and I had a number of surprises.

First, unlike Evol, it's not a sequel, nor a prequel, it's not part of the same timeline. The whole fight between humans and angels, aquarion as being almost like a divine entity, that's not part of the story. The story is completely new and isolated, and the usual entities like DEAVA and Vectors, while keeping the same name, are completely different entities. read more