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Sep 14, 2012
Kenji (Manga) add
Firstly I should warn potential readers that this is like an encyclopedia for martial arts. There is a lot of explanation regarding the techniques and such. Whether the martial arts are all true or not I do not care and am not bothered to find out as it will not change my opinion.

The story progresses at a standard pace throughout the manga which is a good thing because this is not not one of those flashy manga with fast fight scenes but once you have finished reading it feels like you have read an interesting novel full of pictures. It provides a lot of knowledge ...
Sep 5, 2012
Eden no Ori (Manga) add
Preliminary (169/185 chp)
I have got to say by far this is one of the best manga that I have read. This is better then Bleach in and maybe Naruto in terms of its story. I put off reading this manga because of the cover page and it did not look so interesting but once I start reading it I can't stop. For those that have seen the US TV series Lost they may feel a sort of likeness to this and maybe the Asian film Battle Royal ( a bit).

The only sort of bad this I would say is that sometimes the art can drop in quality ...
Jun 28, 2012
I have given this 10 across the score board.
This anime has really touched my heart. It has love, hate, and all the things you normally face in real life.

Koaru a quite kid is attending a new school. He studies and does his homework, he lives with his aunt and uncle. Everything is quite in his life until the school's so called thug comes into his life Sentarou (Sen). Sen saves Koaru from being bullied which causes them to drift closer as best friends. Sen introduces Koaru to Jazz and Ritsuko the daughter of the record store owner where they go to start to play music. ...
Jun 8, 2012
Accel World (Anime) add
Preliminary (9/24 eps)
I have given this anime a 9 overall based on the episodes that I have watched.

I put off watching this anime because of the story but once I started watching I had get up to date on the anime. Watching this made me think of the .hack// anime family.
The characters that are used and their story are somewhat regular,
-the lead male is a fat and short boy who gets picked on and has a lousy life
-the lead female has the beauty and social status but no one knows the real her
-the friend who betrays and then seeks forgiveness

The way and the scenes these ...
Mar 29, 2012
Preliminary (1/10 eps)
This is just my personal view after watching the first episode.

It felt like it was a mish mash of everything. It was like they were trying to do everything. The first episode progressed very quickly and I felt that an extra 10min would have been better for the anime to set the scene. The fight scenes were good as they used many angles but the story just seems too far out. It felt like a parallel prequel to Chobits.
There was a little cuteness here and there but not everything was clarified.

Imagine watching OnePiece for the first time, Luffy is introduced and suddenly the rest ...
Mar 5, 2012
Maken-Ki! OVA (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
This felt like it was the intro to the next season.
The story is as follows, the Maken-Ki gang have gone to the beach to do 'training'. During their 'training' they encounter unexplainable enemies who have the power to drain their elemental powers. Everyone including Takeru come together to defeat the enemy but no one seems to notice the shadow lurking in the background.

Of course you will have flashes of oppais for fan service and censorship will be bought down a notch as it is an OVA. But all in all it was good and it gave promise for a season 2.

Jan 11, 2012
Noblesse (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/544 chp)
I have read my Veritas, The Breaker and Ares but for me this just didn't do it. I saw the recommendation for Noblesse being similar to Veritas so I gave it a try. But I was dissapointed.

The drawing from the very beginning was verry comic-like which put me off but I the art gets better further on so I skipped a hundred chapters or so just to check the art improvement. The art did improve and got sharper but still had the comic feel which was one of the reasons why I dropped it. Ares wouldn't get a gold star for the art but ...
Aug 8, 2011
I gave this an 8 overall because I felt that it didn't live up to it's expectations. I enjoyed it, it was funny but I felt like it wouldn't matter if this special was not made. Now OP fans don't start hating me because I am a big OP fan myself but it was like tehy made this on their free time.

2 teams battle it out for the cup. Team Luffy vs team Fisherman. Both teams battle for the cup using their abilities to get the upper hand and the fisherman using underhanded moves. We have mr 2 and buggy as the announcers who ...
Aug 8, 2011
What this OVA is about is Shikis past. You first get a recap of the movie Strong Worlds ending. The OVA does not delve to deeply but rather it shows brief moments.

What it covers are confrontations between Roger and Shiki. Shiki's capture and escape. Glimpses of nearly most of the characters big or small whether it be one of luffy's crew or a side character and ended with the start of the movie that follows.

This episode to me felt like it showed the starting point of what is to be and what has become. I fell like I may have said too much so ...
Aug 5, 2011
First of all for me a 30min episode seems like more of a special episode rather than a movie.

The story is Luffy's hat goes missing one morning. He has searched all over the ship but can't find it. Usopp has an idea of the thief but no one believes him. So the search begins for Luffy's treasured hat, along the way they run into sea kings, navy and an old man and his friend.

The 3D was a new twist to things but it wasn't my cup of tea. It seemed like they wanted to involve the viewers and make it seem like you were actually ...

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