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Feb 13, 2020
TL; DR Review

No Guns Life isn't bad at any means, but neither is it amazing. In fact, it could be a lot better. However, I think that other release of exceptional anime has impacted my view on No Guns Life. For example, I enjoyed Demon Slayer or Fire Force a lot better than No Guns Life. The main problem I see in this anime is that there's not a lot of variety. Some of the episodes are kind of similar and there are really no "haha, gotcha" moments. I do have to say, the opening is a banger and the character design is pretty cool. read more
Oct 15, 2019
TL;DR Review

To be honest, this isn't that bad; however, it's just so cringy at times where even I can't stand it. If you're asking for a plot, there really isn't any and if you're asking for action, there really isn't any. Now, I know I can't say much because I've only watched 2 episodes, that being said, I can tell you that if the other 10 are like the first 2, there's no way anyone can get through this without trying to hurt themselves. There's one situation where Latina (the demon girl) gets lost and separated and after her "long and eventful journey" back home, read more
Oct 13, 2019
TL;DR Review

I think giving it a 4 maybe giving it too much credit. There are many problems that I just can not see past while watching this anime. One big one is the animation. They say that a picture holds a thousand words, so I don't see why it wouldn't count in anime too. Unfortunate, Toaru Kaguku no Accelerator takes the lazy rout and most of the mechs are CGI. The thing is it's not even good CGI; it's horrible CGI. Another irritating problem I have with this anime is that the main character (Accelerator), his laugh is just so unnatural and cringe worthy. I read more
Oct 1, 2019
TL;DR Review

When I watched Danmachi season 1, I really enjoyed it. I loved the plot and the dungeon exploring and how little of a harem it was. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for Danmachi season 2; in fact, it was the exact opposite. There was no dungeon exploring (you know, the purpose of season 1) and this season slowly but surely (unfortunately) became an unwatchable harem. You are introduced into characters that you don't care about, characters that don't matter, and to be honest, characters where the anime would actually be better without. Don't even get me started with Hestia and how unlikable she read more
Jun 24, 2019
Dororo (Anime) add (All reviews)
TL; DR Review

This was good. Very good. It seems like a lot of animes these days are very predictable, but this is not one of them. It's interesting to see the original Dororo, but modernized, and I would have to say, a damn good job was done. Following the journey of Hyakkimaru trying to get his body parts back to become more human, in some ways he is becoming less human. This storyline, along with his friend Dororo, makes a very interesting and entertaining anime to watch. That being said, I did not rate this anime 10/10 because of the following:

1. Some fights end too read more
May 1, 2019
TL; DR Review

Boogiepop wa Warawanai started off on a very high note. The first arc, although short, was interesting and fun to watch; I loved it overall. The second arc was fun too, not as great as the first one though. However, what ruined it for me was the last arc. This anime, in general, is very vague and I had no idea what was going on at the time, but the last arc was the last straw for me. During the first section of the last arc, I was like, "what the fuck is going on," and we later found out why people were read more
Apr 21, 2019
TL;DR Review

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue (My Roommate Is A Cat) is an interesting anime where we follow a socially awkward novelist and his adventures with his stray cat. This anime is original, where you get both the story of Subaru and his cat Haru. That being said, again, no anime is perfect. You'll find yourself yelling at some of the scenes in this anime because there is no possible way someone is that stupid. Another problem, I think, this anime has is the priority of screen time each character has. There are some characters I wish had more screen time and some read more
Apr 18, 2019
TL:DR Review

There's always one problem with this anime. "What's the plot?" "What's the plot?" However, there isn't a plot; but maybe that's a good thing. Every episode is like a short story with some kind of conflict that is solved in the 14 mins each episode. Manaria Friends only focuses on Anne and Grea, so I really wouldn't call it "friends" This anime, however, does not get enough credit for its animation. The shadow detail in the first and later episodes fascinated me. One other problem this anime has is, I already noted this, that each episode is 14 mins long. That's almost half a read more
Apr 16, 2019
TL;DR Review

Going into "Gotoubun no Hanayome," I wasn't expecting too much. Mainly because it has a harem tag, and I'm not too big of a fan of harem. However, finally finishing the show in a couple of days, I can tell you that it's a bit better than I thought. The story flows kind of nicely, but sometimes there's just too much coincidence to be actually believable for an anime like this. Secondly, the characters in this show adapt quite a lot. We get introduced to five potential brides and, to be honest, they are all lacking something. It's always just your typical harem girl read more
Apr 12, 2019
TL;DR Review

"Love is War" is a great romcom anime. Both the characters (who are in love with each other) are open books; unfortunately they both don't know how to read. This becomes quite a problem later on in the anime. However, there is no progression in this anime. It's three steps forward, three steps back. Some of the jokes are pretty predictable, making it less fun to watch. However, that's rare.
Nonetheless, I personally enjoyed watching this anime, but a tip is to not expect too much going into this. The main characters never go out, but that was very predictable since the second episode. Chika read more