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Buddy Daddies
Buddy Daddies
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Cool Doji Danshi
Mar 30, 4:11 AM
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Painter of the Night
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Bad Thinking Diary
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Mad Dog
Mar 30, 11:25 AM
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chuskipop 38 minutes ago
april 💐💐
ManWild 2 hours ago
Kingofglory77 10 hours ago
Thank you, so when does your semester end
AnimeCreed Today, 9:36 AM
Lmk your thoughts on it
Have you listen to drake? There couple songs you gotta listen...
BurntFlower Today, 7:08 AM
Alriven Today, 7:03 AM
Worry not, something like that will be back after a while xD
MonkeeDan Today, 6:04 AM
Now I dunno if I should reply in parts as well or just as a whole so I'll just see what fits better.
First of all, WHY ARE THERE CAT PAWS ON MY SCREEN GRR APRIL FOOLS, now that I got that out, thanks for becoming my 5700th comment ;>
I didn't even realize that it's this long 😭

Oh you definitely need to, it's damn delicious. You mean it as in 'how can someone do something as outrageous as eating them mashed' or is it a genuine question? Because idk, it's just really fitting sometimes and there are some nice dishes that include it and it tastes fairly different to normal potatoes so yea, it's really good here and there. Is there nothing like that over there?

Don't get me wrong, I am a big advocate of cup noodles as well but it's rather because I'm too lazy to actually cook etc so I just buy cheap cup noodles and they seal the deal for me. But yea, overall I just think they're boring >.> They can taste really good tho, just yesterday I had some damn amazing noodles so yea, there's hope ^^

But how would a normal person know it 😭 It makes a lot of sense when thinking about it but who actually sits down and thinks about spinachs origins TT Ah well, tbf they're not entirely different in how they grow, just sliiiiightl so I can see where you're coming from.

She says she doesn't like slime-y thinigs but how do you explain this?

Why would I wanna flour my bones- unless there is a good reason I don't know yet?
with coke, that emphazises the healthy aspect of it ;>

Peanut butter and apples, hmm it might be worth a shot. Reminds me that I was quite dumbfounded when I walked into the kitchen some days ago and my sister was just standing there spoonfeeding herself with peanut butter out of the jar.

Yesssss bread is the best thing there is no doubts. And as you said, there is so much of it and so many different ones so you can't get bored of it and they're all so yummy. Sourdough is so good tho.

Ikr, whoever invented fruits was quite the genius. Can't wait for fruits 2

This says a lot about society 😔✊

As much as the lack of resonsibilities and the feeling to just do what you want as a kid is nice, there is something about being an adult that I prefer over it, idk what it is tho. Maybe that other people actually take one serious now or that I can basically do whatever I want to some extent, it's just nice.

Ah well...enjoy ur breakfast- Do you eat breakfast every day?
Lmao that's quite the reason to seek out specific alcohol, tho now that you say it, I think Brandy has quite the ring to it and just makes it sound kinda sophisticated and refined.

Idk if it's them being impulsive or just clueless about what they actually wanna do and just jump in the best opportunity in front of them.

Holt carries this show, tho pretty much every character is just so damn good. I honestly like them all except maybe Gina, idk what it is about her but whenever she's on screen I get bored or annoyed ;( I'll definitely note The Good Place down and check it when I have time, tyty. Edit: I randomly reminded some other show that I can only recommend; After Life. It's about a guy who lost his wife and is now trying to cope with it and it's made in a way that implements dark humor and cynicism really well.

In fact I have two sisters, one older and one younger one with them being 22 and 11. And yea, what is there to say, my older sister moved out some year ago with her son and is currently studying fashion design and my little sister is just a little sister I suppose. Do you have siblings?
Is about drive is about power

Tyyyy :>

The elections will be over before they even start 😤

Tbh I think I got influenced a bit by my mother in that regard since her favorite animal is also Panda, but even without her I still think they're about the fluffiest things to exist and they're just chilling eating ther bamboo all day long and rolling around and they just look like such a vibe. Their babies are way too adorable omg.

Foxes huh, that's definitely a pick farmers would heavily disagree with ^^ Their fur looks strokable tho~
As for cows, I think I much prefer their products over the animal itself but I do see where you're coming from ;>

Abt cats and dogs, do you prefer one over the other or are you one of the few who likes them equally?

As always, thanks for responding/reading and have a nice weekend :)

Natzw Today, 5:46 AM
greetings, soniyay! tysm for appreciating my taste lol
and u too have a great taste in other media fr!! (based of u to give fleabag a 10, it truly is a masterpiece.)
btw, hyd?

Hanzu-Kun Today, 3:34 AM
gageyourfriend Yesterday, 11:36 PM
no problem! and you as well
gigaparsec Yesterday, 11:35 PM
Aww thank you c: and NO U

What made you be interested in spanish to begin with? :o also I don't think I've asked where you're from? Hehe
gigaparsec Yesterday, 11:03 PM
Speak of adorable I happened to see you complimenting nostalgiaas in spanish 👀 you're just so kind to everyone c:
gigaparsec Yesterday, 10:44 PM
soniyay said:
dont wanna talk 'bout it

I see you have some mal stories to tell too.

Sorry for asking tho :c
DiiVa Yesterday, 9:36 PM
What anime will you be watching this season?
oyasueme Yesterday, 6:46 PM
That's definitely a unique way to see the show lol

Haven't seen it in a while but probably Jim or Creed.
Thought Jim was pretty well-rounded and had good synergy with a bunch of the others.
Creed is just an anomaly lol.

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