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May 18, 2015
Ahhhh! This was so cute! The story isn't the most original one, but it was well written. While reading this, I always thought things like so cute, sweeeeeet and things like that. The art is cute too, it's not amazing but it's cool. The character were really good! I really liked Akai cause even though he has a scary face, he has a sweet personality, kinda like in angel densetsu. The main girl too was cool, cause she wasn't an annoying dumbass girl like some other shoujo. Well, I really enjoyed this manga and it's a short read, only 4 chapters, so it's worth your read more
May 16, 2015
This story is really good. It was interesting, the developement was really good. The characters were great. You could understand what they were doing and why. They were lovable. the art was great. I really enjoyed this manga. the reason I don't give 10 to this manga is the ending. Nothing was really resolved. It's like we have to imagine what will happen. I was kinda disappointed by the end. But if the ending doesn't bother you you should read it cause personally I really enjoyed it! It's a short read so you won't waste your time if you don't like the story.
Apr 7, 2015
Skip beat. One of the best manga EVER. It's my favorite shoujo manga.

Story: The story is soooooo good. This is really original. I don't think that you'll see any shoujo manga this good and this original. It's not your cliché manga where everything resolve around love. Of course there's romance but it's not just about it.

Art: Well the art is ok. I like this kind of art. It's not too much but it's real good. There's better art out there but this style of drawing is alright.

Character: Good god. The character are amazing. The character developpement of every character is so good. You can read more
Mar 24, 2015
This is one of the best story i have ever read. The plot is really different from any other shoujo manga. You don't see good story like that often. But, if you want a sweet, no-fighting story don't read this. Personally, I really like those kind of stories so for me it's ya know, la crème de la crème. There's fighting. There's romance. Sooo good!

The characters are really good. You can put yourself in their place. They aren't unnatural. I really liked how Tsukasa is baka some times but sometimes she's serious and become a goddess of fighting! And Ryuji is so funny.

The art is read more
Mar 3, 2015
This story is really good. There's situations that are cliché but overall it's a really unique story. The development is not what you'd expect but it's so good. I really liked the ending! At the beginning, maybe that you'll think that it's your normal shoujo and that you already know what will happen but read it. It's worth your time.
The characters are really lovable. Sometimes you will surely want to slap them but then you will want to hug them.
The art is very good. I personally like this style of drawing.
Well, if you are wondering if you should read this or not, i'll read more
Mar 2, 2015
Even though i haven't finished the story i find it kinda disappointing. The characters are dumb, i didn't really like them. I couldn't feel close to them. The story is not your "cliché" shojo but it was weird. I couldn't understand why the characters were doing some things, and the creativity was poor, The art was OK.
But it's not so bad and if you like those kind of story it's a good catch.