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Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
Apr 12, 12:21 PM
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Given Movie
Given Movie
Apr 7, 7:35 PM
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Apr 2, 5:26 PM
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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Feb 5, 8:46 AM
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Jan 16, 11:30 AM
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Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Jan 16, 11:29 AM
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Rsurect Jun 18, 2020 9:36 AM
yo thanks for the add back, how are you?
tinyfin May 31, 2020 7:34 AM
politics is so...complicated. oh gosh, and with the current happenings and protests too in the midst of a pandemic?? >< these are really some trying times.

I think even after the second part of s4 there's still a whole lot of manga to adapt, so we're probably going to be in this for a long time ^^ yeahh watching real time has this advantage! getting excited along with the rest of the fans :')

cleaning is good, I wish I had that motivation instead bc I'm the complete opposite xD oh no I just keep starting new shows and pretending real life doesn't exist. I really hope you'll like it to if you do watch it! it's just so lovely I can't help but recommend it to people.

the thing about all the idol anime is that there's a lot of female fanservice, which I guess sometimes it's nice but I'm the type that prefers there to be a proper plot too? and idolish7 is one of those that's not purely like a reverse harem, e.g. a girl surrounded by guys all trying to gain her affection or something. the story was quite meaningful and seeing them develop into better people/idols was just :'))) and y'know how sometimes in shows where there's a lot of guys, the female character seems awkward/out of place? idolish7 wasn't like that, the girl was really helpful and seeing her made me happy too ^^ (oops I'm going to accidentally type an essay about i7 HAHA) but of course all these feels may differ between people so feel free to let me know your thoughts too even if you end up not liking it :P
tinyfin May 19, 2020 1:56 AM
stay safe!! yeah being home is the best when there are lots of irresponsible people around x__x over here in singapore our community cases are around single digits daily in recent weeks, and technically the lockdown ends on 1 june! if it doesn't extend, haha. (pls no) I just hope it'll really alright and stable even when everyone starts going out again.

I watched haikyuu somewhat in real time and yes it was agony D: but the good thing is haikyuu's fandom is constantly active where there are endless memes and stuff going around even without new material LOL. and when s4 was announced, it was really like a dream come true :')

I didn't expect much out of cardcaptor sakura but I really ended up loving all the characters! which kind of reminds me of haikyuu in a way how everyone is loveable haha. even one of the most annoying characters in cardcaptor sakura had a redemption arc (sort of), everything just ties up really nicely.

hehe thanks for the compliments ^^ it was such a pain to make. the 4 characters on top are from hypnosis mic though! and the boy with orange hair is from ensemble stars haha. for hypnosis mic I'm not sure if the anime will be good (it's coming out this july) but I loved the songs so much. and ensemble stars...I wouldn't recommend the anime tbh unless you're super interested in the 41 main characters, which I read up on a lot even before watching that I was able to enjoy it...with my extremely biased eyes.

BUT YES IDOLiSH7 is amazing T__T it's really the best idol anime imo, loveable characters and interesting backstories. it's my 2nd baby besides haikyuu c:
tinyfin May 7, 2020 7:40 AM
I'm really glad you liked it! ^^ kageyama is so precious, I had a fun time making it too :D

we're now living in such uncertain times...really hope that new movie won't be affected as well >< but if it airs on schedule yeah we could watch it together!! for some of the airing shows at least they announced when the postponed episode will be aired again, but there's no news yet as of now for fugou keiji. ahh it's such a pity given its initial spike in popularity.

I'm missing real life things even more now too :( oh are you from the states? I'm not super up to date with the situation around the world, I just check out the WHO situation report from time to time. the numbers over at the americas side seems really scary with lots of community transmission? I guess it's really much safer to stay at home then ><

and yeah if you like binging shows I think it'd be nice to wait for hq part 2 to finish airing too! at least it'll definitely be over by this year, not like the 4-year gap between s3 and s4 haha :P that wait was so long I had to revisit s3 before I started s4.

hmm I think one of the recent ones I really really enjoyed would be cardcaptor sakura! it is quite a commitment though, with 70 episodes xD but for me I felt it was so worth it, and I'm super glad I'm watching it now because I would never have been able to appreciate as a kid, how beautifully they portrayed all the relationships?? it wasn't cliche at all and overall the show left me with such warm feelings :') the characters are all so pure and precious T__T
tinyfin Apr 29, 2020 5:26 AM
ahh no worries I'm just glad that you're ok!! real life stuff is definitely important.

I'd say the tears is definitely worth for banana fish ;__; technically their romance isn't very emphasized (it's not truly a shounen ai after all), but just....beautiful. hahaha yeah dakaretai otoko def isn't a good example xD it's just lots of action, although iirc there was just one episode that I thought it really showed their r/s is v cute and I was quite touched. if not for that, I probably wouldn't have given it a relatively high rating. but still, definitely not Given-level cute heh. there's another new one coming up that's apparently quite good, called Umibe no Étranger! there really aren't that many great shounen ai shows out there but I think this one seems to have a lot of potential, I'm really looking forward to it c:

there's still the second half of s4 that only airs later this year x__x not sure if you'd wanna wait for that as well for your binge but I guess at least you can binge the whole of part 1 now ^^ ikr?? haikyuu made me want to play volleyball too, but it's so hard after graduation. not like basketball where you can even play by yourself/with 1 other person (half courts are easily accessible here), with volleyball you'd kind of need a proper court and maybe even more people to play with you for it to be fun??

fugou keiji just went on hiatus because of covid though, I think it's restarting in july? :( but it's been really cool, I like the vibes and the character interactions so far! everyone went crazy over the main character right after episode 1 haha, I believe it immediately started trending on twitter because i k e m e n :P

here's a little something I made that will hopefully make you feel better hehe ^^ (I currently have too much time on my hands) all the best for your finals!!

tinyfin Apr 10, 2020 5:39 AM
well as for it being traumatizing...I'm mildly traumatized myself but not to the ptsd extent. there are some things I can't get over, but I think it's still a really beautiful story that I wouldn't mind rewatching!! (even if it means pain haha) that's why I'd still recommend to others :') I think my first BL was dakaretai otoko, and it's exactly the slightly more physical stuff :P I didn't even know what to expect back then haha. I mean overall I found the anime not too bad because the plot and interactions were pretty decent and not just pure "action". but given's story is hands-down one of the best!!

hehe I am in complete agreement with you on haikyuu :') I can't help but gush about it too! do you intend to catch up to the latest season? at the end of s3 I thought they were really OP already, being able to beat shiratorizawa that I would've never imagined them to be able to go even further?? and there's still so many different techniques in volleyball.

oh and talking about SOLs, the new one this season called kakushigoto has been really good so far if you're interested in trying it out! the synopsis sounds weird but it's a really cute and heartwarming relationship, and the interactions between all the different characters have just been lovely so far ^^
tinyfin Apr 3, 2020 10:52 AM
I watched a few other BL stuff before given, but given was the first one that I thought was really really good :') their relationship is beautiful. if you're in the mood for some drama/action I'd def recommend banana fish! it's not really BL as in romance-focused, it's more emphasis on the actual plot. the story was captivating for me right from the start, but above all I loved the relationship between the MCs and it's emotional ride.

Washing dishes x__x oh man after a few weeks it's finally starting to sink in how we're going to be stuck at home for a while now. today our government essentially announced a lockdown, so it's really just cooking at home/buying takeouts and no more of eating outside anymore. and ikr, somehow not being given a choice of freedom suddenly makes staying home less attractive :P

yess haikyuu is baby!! honestly I'm so brainwashed in the sense that I am unable to comprehend people who don't like it? like just how can they say that when the characters are so loveable D: all the seasonal anime are ending around this time (including haikyuu s4 sobs. I can't wait for part 2) and I've been in a mild slump of not knowing what to watch. so I decided to pick up 3-gatsu s2 after putting it on hold for months. it's so much better compared to s1 omg. I rmb almost dropping s1 at the very start because I couldn't get used to the style of storytelling. on hindsight I actually do really like it, it's so calming and chill. I might even want to rewatch it one day because I feel like I didn't appreciate it properly back then.
Kyoris Mar 27, 2020 9:55 AM
Oh no I'm still sorry that I haven't replied for so long! But also thank you for thinking about me, that's very sweet.

Weird times have come huh? I hope that you're alright as well because when it comes to me, I'm all good! Actually, I'm staying at home as much as it is possible and thank god I have the possibility of working remotely lol.
And I'm still watching very few shows. Anything from the most recent anime you'd recommend? Maybe there's a hidden gem somewhere.
tinyfin Mar 26, 2020 11:15 AM
I've been meaning to watch pandora hearts one day! any thoughts on that e.g. how you're liking the anime or was there anything you particularly liked about the manga? I really get you about the tender newbie years, tokyo ghoul was my one of my first anime and manga. even though everyone says the anime adaptation is bad I will never think of it that way because it's special to me :P and I'm so glad that we're on the same page for the BL thing ;__; people can be pretty against it even towards non-hardcore fans so I always try to be cautious.

oh yes besides having more time at home I'm actually getting bored of eating the same things at home lol. but I finally left house today! (for a short while, just for dinner) over here there's a lot of social distancing measures in place now - 1m apart seating at F&B outlets, even for queuing etc. I think the spread here isn't that bad (yet)(hopefully) so I'm not particularly worried.

anohana! I haven't watched that yet, but every time someone talks about it it's always about them crying over it. I'm super interested in watching that one day! coincidentally I watched an SOL recently too, called barakamon. I haven't rated a show 10/10 for some time, this was the first (excluding haikyuu s4, I'm unconditionally biased towards it :P). I loved it, it's really cute and near the end one scene made me tear a little because I was so touched. and...I see we've both placed our newly watched SOLs as favourites :')
Attackonfiller Mar 21, 2020 10:35 AM
Will do ^^

I'm surprised your state hasn't been quarantined. I don't know the situation over in America though. Here in the UK, everyone is pretty much at home now. I'd be lying if I said I don't appreciate the extra time though lol

When I think about it, Shokugeki would definitely be quite a fun couple watch xD I really enjoyed it when I watched it. There was too much fun to be had with the series and the food looks absolutely gorgeous lol
tinyfin Mar 19, 2020 8:05 AM
yeah I never really got into SOL before this too, I always thought it seemed kind of boring without all the action and dramatic events! ooh yes do lmk, I'm trying to discover more stuff too ^^ but the problem for me is I'm trying to look for manga that hasn't been adapted/completely into anime yet, because after all I still prefer watching than reading. though I think if there's manga that's considered to be much better than the adaptation or if it includes important things that the anime doesn't, I wouldn't mind reading too. (please don't judge my manga list haha, I'm actually just ok with bl but not thaaat into it as my list may make me seem :P) if you ever do pick up noragami/yakusoku no neverland we could discuss too, but no pressure ok!

oh no, I hope your country won't be too affected! take care too, in general. I'm more of a home person so staying at home more is fine with me, and indeed more time home could mean being able to read more manga too c:
tinyfin Mar 15, 2020 10:43 AM
yes omg I put naruto on hold because of the fillers x__x I feel like I should just skip to shippuden but my completionist heart says no HAHA.

I'm actually relatively new to appreciating SOL anime and haven't tried any of those manga yet. In general those I read (and found good) were all kind of dramatic and emotional especially noragami and yakusoku no neverland. Did you enjoy noragami? If so I think you could try reading the manga, because personally I'm really glad I continued on with it ^^ There's some action in it but I think it's still quite easy to follow. As for yakusoku no neverland, since the new season is coming out later this year, there isn't really a point in reading now unless you're really excited to see what happens (very exciting things though!!). I'd say this has more action that I found it mildly confusing at times, but the storyline makes up for it.
Dokkerich Mar 11, 2020 6:24 AM
mhh cant say much about that

nice to hear
mine is still bad :/

I used to read and draw
p fun but havent done that in a while

I like sports (watching soccer/going to the gym/for a run in the forest)

I like singing and listening to music (Im not super good either but I wanna say I can sing some songs sorta fine :D)

not the biggest fan of cooking but it can be fun sometimes so ig sorta counts as a hobby

dont really play games anymore but still play a bit of competitive pokemon
mainly spectate tournaments
and watch vids on yt about pokemon to learn the new game + some of them tubers are entertaining
I dont do it often but super rarely I try to write my own texts
just texts in general or sometimes also for songs
wrote a german text for a naruto song but kinda didnt finish it was p hard
Attackonfiller Mar 9, 2020 2:15 PM
Koisuru looks really adorable, I might try it too.

My classes are all good. I'm more or less relaxed after exams, so it's been a good month ^^

I'm noticing you're watching Shokugeki btw. It must be quite an experience to say the least lol
tinyfin Mar 9, 2020 12:45 AM
I get what you mean, especially for series with all the action and movements, my brain just can't process it xD
yeah I just realised those two are kinda similar in terms of the slight awkwardness around people, which is so relatable as well. bnha s4 is ending soon, I really hope they'll feature this precious boy a few more times!!