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Sep 1, 2020
this is one of the great things i've had in a while.
after mesmerized by the animation, I go check the manga and both are just amazing-work that really worth the time

amazing. this is why i love anime with a weird theme. who would make a story about a ballroom dancer, but it was a nice experience because i would definitely know nothing about this kind of world, i learned something new.
however, the plot device is as common as any sports could ever do, but it doesn't bore me because the competitive dance is already strange enough to catch my attention.
thought there are some miss detailed read more
Jul 11, 2020
maybe i don't feel the way as everyone feel
wondering what stuff that sitting around on number 2 spot, the score kinda deceived me.. or maybe it's just not my stuff

at least this stuff is still acceptable for those who's not a big fan of timey travel theory but still enjoy SF that have this type of content, however, i can't really feel the heat of the climax
story-wise, it was brilliant, the science & theory aside, but most of it just things that pass go by for the sake of progressing to the final conclusion. only few moments that I truly enjoy.

art-wise, if the color scheme read more
Jun 13, 2020
it's been a while since I truly laugh from a gag-anime.
it's a real classic boke-tsukomi stuff but i think it's a bit underrated.

long story short:
it about a bunch of weirdos living under the bridge
at the pov of the MC, the cast is just a bunch of people with mental issues, but in pov of viewers, there's a chance that the fantasy aspect might be real. I think this is one of the charm of arakawa under the bridge, it never told what is real.

and another big charm from this series is there's always a little depth and meaning from their comedy, a little life lesson read more
Jul 11, 2019
as peoples rate it as a shitty adaption, actually it's not really that bad. there is plenty of battle series that not as good as this opm season 2, however the fact that the quality decrease really affects the overall review. at first, it really disappoints me but after a while actually, it wasnt't that bad. I try to give a fair review about it

it's fair. just because season 1 is so damn awesome, it doesn't mean that this season is overall ugly. but for a better experience, Murata-sensei did better in the manga.

story: 9
if we talk about the story then we talked about the read more
Jul 7, 2019
i have to praise the studio for adapting this series beautifully.
it's a typical classic shounen that really neat.
i saw it in every top watch list and curious, i didn't realize it's in the shounen jump gang series

story: 8
i am a fan of neat writing.
like any other typical shounen formula, yeah it's the very classic fighting-training stuff, with some organization/group of justice related, the setting's pretty interesting, a bunch of swordsman fighting demons that actually normal human with no 'super-duper-power'. i love how the author develops the superpower with sense, like breathing, however, it is still very classic that in someway makes me think:
"ah man I read more
Jun 13, 2019
after watching it through the end all that leaves is:

well, at least the animation art is great.

for you who actually a digimon fan will found it as a total rip-off of war game movies, then I can't help the Digimon version seems more like.. better..

well, it's because 'it's the work of the same staff' thing, then why would they made a freakin similar theme just to make it fancier with unrealistic weird family drama.. I just.. disappointed.

but for you that haven't watched the digimon version might think it's pretty much interesting theme

i can't find the protagonist stand out that great except he's just read more
Jun 13, 2019
i'm a big fan of umino sensei's honey and clover series. when i heard she has another awesome series, which is this series, it was not to appealing because the main theme is shogi, the thing i don't understand at all
HOWEVER.. i was wrong. after finishing 2 season and continued by reading the manga.. i still don't understand shogi at all, BUT this is indeed amazing with no doubt.

it's a story of a bittersweet of life, pretty much similar with my favorite Honey&Clo, my thoughts are
"ah.. i wish there are a lot more of anime story that similar to this"
all tragedy to comedy packed in read more
May 11, 2019
here the most intense horse racing you would encounter in a story. the idea of a race crossing a continent which is united states is bizarre and awesome. i haven't read all part but i catch up with what happened through the animation series, and this one is within my TOP 3.

in this series everything is reset, i new start for new universe with similar element, it might be a dissapointment because all part 1-6 are kind of abandoned with lots of unanswered question, but..
i think it's just how jojos works.. for some peaople maybe this part is dissapointing to some point, but i enjoy read more
May 1, 2019

after 3 parts of bizarre-ness then finally here part 4, a finally visually normal teenager with bizarre-ness.
i'm jojo-ing marathon now and so far it is still amazing

contrast to the other jojo who touring around the world, this part focus on one location, a bizarre city, morioh. a city full of psychos.

unlike the other jojo that makes weird conflict in their adventures, this series mostly potray a pretty much daily basis conflict yet still in bizzare way. mostly the other jojo's character are bulky with disgusting fantastic body, this one is rather more reasonable, and might be cuter.
it doesn't mean the other jojo are bad, read more
Apr 27, 2019
just hooked to the jojo series recently~
few months ago i tried to understand why this series is so popular and watch the first season.
**the most thing and genre i hate the most: damn vampire.
so after few ep of this season
my first impression "WTF.. jojo is impossible for me."
then later, i was so bored and tried to read Jojo's others part out of curiosity.
i don't understand anything yet IT'S AWESOME.

so i give this anime another try, and.. yeah. i changed my mind.

Jojo is like an oasis in the middle of dessert. a refreshment if you watched to much similar story-telling style in anime. eventho i found read more