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Sep 3, 2011
Although surprised to find this series on MAL I'm really glad it's here as getting more people into this criminally under appreciated show is always a good thing.

This series is an adaptation of an Argentinian graphic novel, that a Canadian company picked up the rights to, and contracted a Japanese studio to animate. The original graphic novel is much more adult orientated and while this adaptation isn't exactly for kids it's certainly been toned down a bit. Fortunately enough this doesn't hamper the story.

This is one of those shows that's best to go into with little to no idea what it's about, so I'm not read more
Jul 3, 2011
I’m going to start off this review with a disclaimer: If you’re thinking about using this OVA as a starting point for getting into Captain Harlock, turn away right now. With that said, for anyone who’s already a fan you’ll probably enjoy this OVA just because it’s loosely Harlock related and that you’ve probably come to expect very little from anything beyond the original series anyway.

First off, the few good things the series has:

1. The story. Despite the shortcomings of basically everything else, the story itself is actually quite good. The series has great pacing, fun characters, and an interesting overarching plot.

2. The action read more