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May 4, 2016
Preliminary (65/86 chp)
Some spoilers.

I didn't finish this. I won't finish it. After chapter 65 I just can't care anymore, and I should have quit at chapter 10.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei is kind of boring and Shishio Satsuki is a creep. The mangaka has a section where she explains the original plot before the editors tore it to pieces, and apparently Shishio was originally a classmate and not an emotionally stunted 24-year-old man hitting on a 15-year-old girl. Suzume starting to date Mamura was the best thing that happened to anyone in this manga, but them dating is pretty boring too.

...but the art is beyond stunning. It seems like ...
Mar 14, 2016
Ok, I'm not sure what movie the majority of reviewers online watched, but Kizmonogatari (Part 1) was AWFUL. Basically it was boobs bouncing, Araragi sweating/screaming/running, and a bunch of 3D backgrounds that didn't look right with the 2D animated characters. It honestly feels like the creators said "Ok, time to stretch 20 minutes of plot into 60 minutes. Let's make Araragi gasp and scream and flail for a 20 minute scene." They wasted so much time under the guise of suspense that when the "thing" actually happened, I was bored, not intrigued or excited. By the time the movie actually got interesting, it was over. ...

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