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Aug 3, 2014
No.6 (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story: 3
To fellow lovers of this series, I apologize. But the plot of No.6 is horrendous. (extreme spoilers, just skip this entire paragraph if you haven't seen it yet) The bees are never explained. Tornados magically appear. Those inside of the wall never seem to accept those outside of the wall. The weird singing is apparently caused by some omnipotent god. The government with its dark and sinister vibe could have been considerably more creative in its dark/sinister-ness. No one ever explains what on earth a "moon drop" is. Maybe I just need to work on my suspension of disbelief, but this show felt like read more
Aug 3, 2014
Story: 8
One of my favorite things in a fantasy show is a fully-thought-out or self-explanatory universe, one in which simple and uniform laws dictate the "magical" aspect of the show, keeping it both clearly fantasy and yet still believable. Madoka Magica does this perfectly, with even the wildest of twists easily explained by Kyuubey. My only complaint is that, because it is such a short series, I wish that Madoka Magica's dark side had come out just a bit sooner so that I would have had more time to enjoy it.

Art: 9
I typically like my animation to be the tiniest bit smoother (think Kyoukai read more
Aug 3, 2014
Story: 5
An interesting enough premise, but Blue Exorcist turns out to be just another school-setting shounen with a main character with the typical daddy complex and a shallow/unfinished romance.

Art: 5
The colors were bright, which is always enjoyable, but the character designs were lacking and some features came out awkward-looking. Ex: Shura's oddly boxy midsection and Yukio's unusually wide face

Sound: 3
None of the OSTs stood out to me, but I loathed the jazzy opening.

Characters: 4
I really enjoyed Rin and Shirou's relationship, and Shiemi's smidgen of character development was nice to see. But there was little depth in the characters otherwise. Instead, the writers took the read more