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Oct 25, 2017
Strangely enough, this series has a long history with a sequel, remade movie in 2010, and a spinoff. The studio that made this was Tatsunoko Production, a long standing studio that is still in the industry today. Ippei Kuri, the man whom co-founded the studio, was the lead episode director and series production director worked along with another now-veteran anime industry man by the name of Yoshiuki Tomino or better known as the man behind all things Gundam. Unfortunately, at the time of this review only four known episodes of the show were able to be found. However, they really show off why the show read more
Oct 25, 2017
Originally reviewed 7.June.2015

Third time is the charm for Miyazaki and Takahata. This time around Miyazaki has taken over the majority of the work, while Takahata helps in directing and storyboard. Boy did the duo hit everything just right in this anime.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the world's scientists have used horrible earthquake machines as weapons of mass destruction to ruin the Earth's tectonic plates thus causing water-world.

The story revolves around a boy name Conan and the little girl Lana who washes up on his isolated little island where he has grown. Conan himself is extremely lovable and not only him. The setting and read more
Oct 23, 2017
Shiki (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ever heard of Studio Daume? Well, at least director Tetsuro Amino is known from such works as Iria, Macross 7, and Break Blade among others. He is a diverse talent and in order to make a compelling horror anime and something unique out of a vampire story needs a unique perspective.

It is summer in the remote village called Sotoba. All of a sudden the village is stricken with mysterious and sudden deaths brought on by a strange case of anemia. The village doctor by the name of Ozaki Toshio is baffled and frustrated to find an answer. At the same time, a strange family has read more
Oct 23, 2017
Here in 2010, the anime world has reached a point of knowing what panders to anime fans. What is the right way to pander? Well, Studio J.C. Staff seems to know of a formula containing of cute girls, school, a school club, a few pretty boys, and a cast of trope characters. Ookami-San and Her Seven Companions is the culmination of how to make an average anime. Is this anime average though? Well, given the tough task of trying to get something special out of this anime was none other than the Love Hina director Yoshiaki Iwasaki.

This story is a comedy parody of sort focused read more
Oct 23, 2017
Back to Studio Madhouse, the studio that makes anything and everything. The person given the task to direct an extremely unique anime in The Tatami Galaxy was the skilled verteran Masaaki Yuasa (Kaiba). Tatami Galaxy’s is a novel by Tomihiko Morimi whose works are quite popular to an older audience such as college student. This anime adaptation is probably more suited towards older fans and fans wanting something very different in their anime.

The objective in Tatami Galaxy is about a young man named Watashi whom has finally reached college life. He dreams of the perfect campus life such as chasing women and having his youth read more
Sep 11, 2017
This review covers all six movies.

A long term key animator turned director by the name of Habara Nobuyoshi was the main guy heading up the mech adventure manga adaptation into a total of six movies up to chapter 50 of the manga. Break Blade or otherwise known as Broken Blade came from a joint effort by Production I.G. and Xebec. This is an anime about mech battles being a major focus for kingdoms and nations either to take over or protect their lands. There was a 12 episode anime tv series, but the adaptation was shortened and overall not very well received. The six movie read more
Aug 6, 2017
Prior to the ‘Monogatari’ series, Studio Shaft’s best work, arguably, was the ef: A Tale of- series. Presently, Studio Shaft is best known for creative direction and quality over the anime worked on. How would a studio be able to adapt a light novel focused around so much character exposition surrounding an out-of-order mystery? This blueprint just does not look easy nor does it seem interesting in terms of anime. The director in charge of Bakemonogatari is the same man that directed a previous critically acclaimed parody show by Shaft called Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. This man is Akiyuki Shinbou whom has made a name for read more
Aug 1, 2017
Production I.G. has a pedigree of action (Blood +), mystery (Ghost Hound), and suspense (Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.). When the studio decided to go with an original show i.e. Eden of the East there was much speculation about how it was going to turn out. Would it be a slow paced disappointment like Ghost Hound or be a well written engaging success like SAC? Eden of the East was directed and created by Kenji Kamiyama, whom is the same person behind SAC. Good sign number one. The second good sign was the character art was created by Chika Umino, the same person behind Honey read more
Jul 23, 2017
At this point Studio Brain’s Base (Baccano) has made an impact on the industry enough to start making a good name for themselves. This lead to the studio taking on a small adaptation of The Radio Wave-Like Girlfriend, which is an adaptation of a short three (3) volume light novel series. Standing at only adapting two of the three stories, how good could this anime possible be? A good choice was getting the director of the hit show Elfen Lied in Mamoru Kanbe. The man and the studio as of 2009 had experience in creating a deeper story and going beyond what was expected.

This show read more
Jul 16, 2017
More and more studios are starting to hit their stride after the massive Studio increase around 2004 and 2005. The once rookie studios such as Natsume’s Book of Friends studio Brains Base (Baccano!) is now making a name for itself and trying to separate from the others. Brains Base decided to go with Takahiro Omori in the director’s seat once again, but for a much different show compared to Baccano.

The story here focuses on a young 15 year old boy called Takashi Natsume. He has the inconvenient ability to see youkai (ghosts/spirits), and this power of his is inherited. Ever since he was a read more