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Apr 9, 2019
Classroom of the Elite is the first light novel I seriously invested time into. The story and writing are outstanding detailing all the things that are happening, and the psychological mind twists that happen. The character development is amazing! you have your protagonist Ayonokoji ( class 1-D) who just wants to have a simple high school life in Japans best high school run by the government to nurture the minds of the leaders of the next generation. Ayanokoji may appear to be a chill high school boy in the outside, however, what's really going on is not what it seem he is always pulling strings read more
Jan 9, 2019
Alright there is so many things they could have done with this anime. One thing they could have done was answer all the questions the viewers had while watching it, for example they could have talked more about what happened after the ending like what happened to Shin, and Hibiki, or talked about the plan in order to get everyone to rebel against the school, or what happened to Shin while Hibiki was trying to rule the school. There is just to many questions. Also the story was doing just fine before in my opinion it just came to the last 2 episodes. Im not read more
Jan 8, 2019
I absolutely love this anime! I have always played basketball my entire life, and also love playing football. But when i first saw this anime i was supper skeptical, and i always thought that sport anime's where going to be super cliche and weird. But after just watching one episode I was hooked; the passion and emotions that are shown when they play is absolutely amazing. I also love how the characters interact with one another, and i can relate to the way they act around each other being that i also play high school basketball. This anime is nothing short but amazing. And major read more
Jan 8, 2019
Listen up this anime has it's very good quirks including, the mind blowing plot twist, mind fucking time travel, and it's little bit of romance to the end. My only problem is that to me the show is very slow and boring. I also really have a problem with the characters they don't really explain it great, on top of that the way the show starts i did not know what the fuck was going on, but as i kept on watching everything started to make sense. This anime really leaves you on in the end to want to know whats going to happen next read more
Jan 7, 2019
I love this show it focuses on the little, big things in someones life. It's also amazes me how they were able to make such a simple idea work. I mean come on "adolescence syndrome" how do you make that work. But still they managed to keep you intrigued after every episode and want to see more. Im not going to lie now at first I was skeptical about watching this, I thought it was going to like some harem or ecchi anime about a girl in a bunny costume, btw she only wore it for like one episode weird, but that aside that this read more