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Feb 12, 2017
If Hakuoki anime is having a bastard love child with Hana-Kimi manga, with a dash of Ouran High School, then that's exactly what this manga is.
TBH, in terms of story and characters, this manga is pretty bad, I would give it a 4 out of 10, but because the art is so beautiful in drawing the bishies, I'm being generous and give it a 6/10 overal score.
Fanservice for reverse harem fan is the sole purpose of this manga, and the only reason anyone should enjoy this in any way is because we are a sucker for Shinsengumi Bishie and would sit through reading this very read more
Feb 11, 2017
I rarely write review, especially for a shoujo manga cos majority of them are lame, but this manga melts my heart so much that I am compelled to write a glowing review on it hoping that this manga may be known by more people.

For once, I am surprised that there is a reverse harem that does not suck and actually has a good story. If you're a fan of romance who's been dissapointed with so many junk out there, then give Akatsuki no Yona is a shot.

The best part about this manga is the character interactions between all of them, it has the right amount read more
Jun 11, 2016
I really enjoy reading this manga even though its plot is not anything new, but there are plenty of times when you just want to be entertained by something light and sweet and this manga happen to be perfect for those times.

What I love about it the most is how very gentlemanly the chauffeur character treat his milady. His restraints and sacrifice makes my heart ache when I read it.
He is drawn very beautifully and so is she.
The feeling of the female protagonist grows throughout the story very sweetly and cute.

Overall, I highly recommend this for those who seeks out to read love story with read more
May 6, 2016
Starting off great, but turning anticlimactic after halfway.
The first few episode was very exciting with the romance between the two main characters, Mei and Yamato, which hooked me to watch about 6 episodes at once.
But after that, it start focusing on additional annoying characters that I dont' care about.
Also after they got together, it felt like their relationship is super bland, like they literally didn't do anything.... They barely even talks to each other...
Just felt really strange watching a romance show where the couple didn't do anything...
If they whole series was more like the first half, I would've rated this an 8., since what read more
Aug 29, 2015
I'm writing this review for people who first got onto this show because of the raving reviews and as they watch it, they're wondering if its going to get any better.
Having finished the entire show, I have to admit that the timey wimey story is clever and well planned, however, whether or not you enjoy this show, highly depending on whether or not you like these ensemble of characters or not.

If you find the characters boring and annoying from the beginning, the enjoyment level of this show will stay low till the end.
It is not going to get any better, because even though the read more