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Anime Stats
Days: 28.4
Mean Score: 8.98
  • Total Entries473
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  • Episodes1,669
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Kuroshitsuji II
Kuroshitsuji II
Jul 1, 2010 12:28 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Asobi ni Iku yo!
Asobi ni Iku yo!
Jul 1, 2010 12:27 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Jul 1, 2010 12:27 PM
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Manga Stats
Days: 3.7
Mean Score: 10.00
  • Total Entries41
  • Reread0
  • Chapters598
  • Volumes73
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Bloody Monday
Bloody Monday
Sep 26, 2009 7:27 PM
Completed 96/96 · Scored -
Blue Drop: Tenshi no Bokura
Blue Drop: Tenshi no Bokura
Jul 1, 2009 1:45 AM
Completed 12/14 · Scored -
Tsukiyo no Fromage
Tsukiyo no Fromage
May 9, 2009 4:18 PM
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nolongerusingbye Feb 3, 2011 7:53 AM

Wishing you a prosperous year full of joy and health. ♥
NorthPole Dec 19, 2010 2:23 PM
nolongerusingbye Aug 10, 2010 5:15 AM
Hello, long time no chat~! What's up?
MireKreme Jul 12, 2010 5:07 AM
antonio i already miss u lol

korea sux as usual
btw recommend me some animus
HSpartan Jul 4, 2010 8:49 PM
Hey what's going on. It's been two weeks since we last talk. I don't know everytime I come on this website i just come to update what I have seen or read and then I log off. But yeah how did you finish the school year did you ace the test? :P

Hey the hotel work might not be such a bad idea. I do understand your summer plans are ruined, but maybe you will meet new people there and etc. I guess i'm out of ideas as to what you can do.
MireKreme Jun 19, 2010 10:04 AM
uhh second week
but then i might sleep at other ppls house days by days
but i will def come to ur house to see ur ass

man i hope nk n sk have a match
n who ever wins gets the control of korea
MireKreme Jun 18, 2010 6:55 AM
no fone prob contact u by other ppls fone or something

yea i saw it
idk if they r gonna get executed but i do know one of guy can do anything he wants lol
but i have to say nk did pretty well against brazil

btw there is a bomb so ur gonna get murdered
MireKreme Jun 16, 2010 6:58 AM
btw i got u a cheap gundam sht lol
hope u like it

ps give me ur #
HSpartan Jun 15, 2010 8:24 AM
Yeah I don't think I will be so close to those places anyways, so i'm safe for now. I'll let you know what I experience when and if I go over there this summer and i know some of the articles are exaggerating on certain things.

Some of the people in their are so hilarious with the comments they write, and they fight over the most stupid shit ever which makes that site entertaining, but someone might not think so if she finds out =P

Umm I was not talking about picking up phone and dialing random numbers, but I guess you don't believe in long distance relationships. Well I was thinking maybe asking your korean friend and meeting someone through him.
HSpartan Jun 13, 2010 11:51 AM
Wow you did much better than what I anticipated :P

Yeah I can't wait for the trip. As for China before I ended up going out with this girl with all those articles on sankaku complex about China I never wanted to visit this country, but this gal change my mind. Also btw I won't be going to those places where most articles come from. I will be visiting the place where she lived before she moved out of there, so i want to enjoy my time with her. Once you have a gf your way of thinking will change as to how you view certain things.

Yeah I really got to stop visiting that site. To be honest I really don't go there for the pornography or see them naked japanese gals, but some of the articles are just entertaining to read and how stupid some people can be, but now I have a gf so I really got to stop though.

Well the summer might not be like mine, but atleast you will be working and making some money. Hey if you have a friend from korea why not try making some female friends from some asian country that can speak english and maybe over time your situation with them might change. :P
HSpartan Jun 11, 2010 5:49 AM
Hey how did you do in classes? Did you do good or did really bad, so you really got to study in order to pass school year?

You will eventually find someone. Right now it must not be your time :P

As for my summer plans I plan to travel with my gf for two weeks. She is chinese. I always hed this thing for asian gals, so it's all good for me :P but yeah the reason why I mention she is chinese because the places we narrowed down are related to her in a certain degree. The first place we have thought on going is Mexico. She has a cousin she has in Mexico City and she wants to hang out with him and his kids she has yet to meet, so we will be there just few days and right afterwards spend the rest of the vacation in nice cancun, mexico. Also the other place we in our minds is China, so yeah i'm excited for those. For next year she already knows I want to go to Japan and she said she will come with me, so it's nice going to visit to a city I want to visit with my GF.

What about you any plans for the summer after dreaded school is over?
HSpartan Jun 9, 2010 9:04 PM
Yeah I've been pretty busy as of late. I haven't even watched as much anime as I want to. Also then there is the GF I prefer spending my time with her, so yeah work and gf got me really busy.

I see i'm five days late responding back your msg, but when r your finals?
MireKreme Jun 8, 2010 10:18 PM
hell fckin no
nigger u could have got ur license like 2yrs ago
w/e man
MireKreme Jun 7, 2010 7:39 PM
june 23rd
at 3pm
im only staying for like 2 weeks
so i might come sleep at ur house at the 2nd week of my visit
i will just buy u some krn bbq
HSpartan Jun 5, 2010 3:23 PM
Hey what's up dude what's going on? It's been a while since we last chatted and perhaps long time I've talked to anyone on this website. Well how's life going for you? Is school over for you?