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Feb 12, 2021
Preliminary can i start...
first i want to make clear that this manga has alot of plot twist so if you don't like that then this manga isn't for you, i started reading this because of the gore content but dropped it at 13 chapters (and i never drop any series even if they suck), why? well the story is a mess that gets worse with every chapter. the story starts because a group of friends get trapped in a mysterious island after their boat sank down, in that island there is a cannibal family that obviosly want to kill them, here is when all gets read more
May 23, 2020
the story starts with aya asagiri, a girl that lives with her mother, father and his brother that is constantly abusing her, she is also bullied in school by a group of girls and is always feeling sad and alone,but one day a mysterious website appears in her computer, saying they will give her a magical girl stick because of the misfortune she has been living, she can do whatever she wants with it now, what wil she do?

mahou shoujo site is a really good dark magical girl series, it obviously was inspired by madoka magica but still is an excellent manga, this manga includes read more