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Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor: On Television
Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor: On Television
May 16, 1:15 AM
Watching 7/47 · Scored -
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
May 13, 1:15 AM
Watching 32/47 · Scored 6
Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei
Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei
May 9, 8:58 PM
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May 17, 2:04 AM
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Ranma ½
Ranma ½
May 17, 2:03 AM
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Kidou Senshi Gundam
Kidou Senshi Gundam
Apr 27, 12:17 PM
On-Hold 6/23 · Scored 7

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Zanshji 10 hours ago
yup, i would hesitate watch an episodic show for 100 eps or more as well. at some point, i just need a storyline to continue. thats probably why i never started gintama, because i heard its mostly episodic and comedy based. i feel you. i got spoiled like 5 times on the new wano chapters on reddit, its awful. nevertheless, you should continue reading! there is so much great stuff going on in the manga and wano is actually peak shounen nowadays. i'll get into fotn for sure, just sounds to good.
Zanshji May 19, 6:20 PM
ya, i just watched the clip, its literally insane. i love shit like that. i already have it on my ptw, but it might take a while for me to actually get into it. i binged one piece last year and since then, im a bit burned out on long shows. and then there is lotgh. i love 80s artstyle and the stuff you just mentioned, im already a big fan of yu yu hakusho and old shonen, so i'll give it a shot in the future. thanks for your recommendation!

Zanshji May 19, 3:16 AM
bro i swear i will. the episode with tonio already killed me. i just dont wanna rush it, because its already so good. besides that, i was curious about hyouka, heard many interesting things about it and binged the whole show in like 4 days, it was amazing. not ur typical slice of life romance, instead filled with great character synergy + development, thrilling plot and great osts. 100% must watch. yeah, now lotgh is on my list for so long, i just couldnt get past the first 20 eps, not to say they where bad, but not really gripping imo. however after those episodes, im more and more into the show, it just gets better with every episode. btw, did you read the hokuto no ken manga? the first volume is about to be released in germany and i might get it. i see the anime is on your favorites, so would you recommend reading/watching and why?
sanic May 13, 1:16 AM
Interesting stuff. Yeah I'll GaoGaiGar give it a try. The name's great
Hard to get into mecha, I've tried Votoms as well years ago but it was amazingly filthy looking albeit well-written. Just not appealing visually at all.
Patlabor, well it's a really interesting one. I was a big fan of Mamoru Oishii that directed the 2. His whole art life is interesting how he'd gone from making the commercial fun Urusei Yatsura to it's film to some of the finest arthouse ever Tenshi no Tamago after his wife left him and he lost custody, which is linked with GITS in some ways. Then back to commercial with Patlabor, ran out of money shooting Jin Roh films and then once again GITS commercial, but also great art. It's really wild how hard they worked to make all of those.
I just watched Ghost in the Shell 2 this year and really liked it. It was a bit short but just so well made craftsmanship.
The first Patlabor movie is so very dull, but they have this serene atmosphere to them.
The second one is really beautifully made and has a lot to take in, and the third one is just so crazy and fun. They were really huge in Japan I think.
From Gundam, I think I've only seen War in the Pocket, and tried reading some Gundam Origin but it doesn't have the shounen spirit.
Haven't found any mecha I enjoyed yet, but Code Geass was really entertaining, but it had the wacky powers going for it.
The last mecha I really liked was Genocyber, but those OVAs are really just gore-fests where mecha isn't the focus.
80s edgy ovas are very cool

With Kinnikuman, that arc after the fight with Planetman where you left on is some really good stuff but the arc after that goes a bit downhill.
I'm also really looking forward to Bleach coming back and heard that One Piece is only getting better now, so need to get on that beyond 100 episodes some day along with the manga for the worst arcs like Punk Hazard I hear.
Senden Apr 12, 3:24 AM
"Just let the guys who animated JoJo do it."

Hmmm... Interesting.
Tyestor Apr 3, 8:05 AM
That's an interesting watch order, not exactly what I've read, but, well, every watch order I've read seems to be different so what can you do really. I was going off this one:

ZZ definitely isn't optional for me, I'm gonna watch it for better or worse. 08th MS team is what I'm most excited about. When I first heard that it was the most "grounded and realistic" Gundam anime, I was very interested. Gritty and realistic military shows are few and far between in anime land. I don't usually watch dubs but I have heard good things about the Gundam dubs. I actually originally watched NGE dubbed too (OG ADV, and yes, fuck netflix) every time I watched it subsequently was in Japanese though. I ain't skipping shit, I'm watching Victory and I'll probably even end up watching build fighters. I'll definitely check the novelization out.

>>>This convo inspired me to purchase my first piece of Gunpla in years, it was at my local target of all places. MS-06S Zaku II, 1/144, Red. I plan to build it while revisiting my favorite UC Timeline eps (ep 37 for sure, Duel in Texas, yeehaw motherfucker)

Lmfao, when I first watched that episode I actually thought of you immediately "no wonder sick_basterd loves this fucking show so much, Texas is in it!" And I now understand your profile pic, is that from zeta or something? Hahaha.

>>>Oh yeah one more thing, there is a trio of movies that adapt the 0079 timeline much more concisely and adeptly and are responsible for popularizing Gundam in Japan. The original TV show was actually canceled due to low ratings, such a fucking shame. The movies are great if you need a refresher after a few years or want to show it to a friend who isn't an otaku (who was IRL friends anyway tho?)

If I ever try to get my brother watch any Gundam, or at least anything in UC, I'll probably end up recommending him the movies. It's a pain in the ass trying to get him to watch anything older than Code Gayass.

>>>my question is what the hell do I follow this series up with? I legit want to rewatch the OG series with my brother in law of just so I can show him this fight and have it hit him like it's hitting me rn

Damn good question. There isn't really anything else like Ippo tbh. In Ippo you've got the perfect mix of: comedy, action, camaraderie, inspiration, and pure fucking GAR. And let's not forget the god tier soundtrack and I rarely say that about anime because they usually get the dregs when it comes to the music industry. There's a few other anime that have some of these aspects, and do them quite well, but none that combine them and do them all as well as Ippo. Where to go from here? Well, my recommendations are: Fist of the North Star (obviously), Ashita no Joe (obviously), Haikyuu, Major (2nd best sports anime imho), and Space Brothers. And yeah, where the fuck is the rest of the Ippo anime? There's gotta be enough material for another 300+ episodes by now. Bryan Hawk is a mad cunt.
Tyestor Mar 19, 3:15 PM
When I went to Japan in 2014 I made a trip down to Odaiba to get a photo with the massive RX-78-2, it was sick. In retrospect, having not seen any Gundam at the time is a disgrace. It was replaced with the RX-0 from Unicorn, RIP. I think when I was younger I might have caught some Wing on cartoon network but I don't really remember. The plan is to watch 0079 (completed) > Zeta > ZZ > Char's Counterattack > War in the Pocket > Stardust Memory > 08th MS Team > The MS IGLOO stuff > Thunderbolt > Unicorn > Twilight Axis/NT > Hathaway's Flash and then Origin (save this for last I was told). I'll watch anime from the other centuries later, last Gundam series will probably be Turn A (other than build fighters, lol).

Tyestor Mar 16, 5:24 PM
>Fucking loving it so far dude.

that's good to hear. ippo is so fucking good. perfect combo of action, comedy and bromance. can't forget the sheer unadulterated GAR.

>I have been in a rut with anime lately, nothing has been able to hold my interest.

we'll always have our 80s and 90s greats to fall back on.

been finally finishing off MSG 0079 and this show is fucking based. can't wait to get stuck into the rest of UC.

Tyestor Mar 9, 10:51 PM
how you liking ippo?
sanic Feb 12, 4:39 AM
Oh yeah I'll put them all in the drive link with all the episodes I sent you before.
There aren't any printed in english unfortunately, but I think people import volumes.
There are stores in Japan and I think Brazil devoted solely to kinnikumerch

Yeah we could make fan-dub some scenes if you want.
I could ask someone from the circle who isn't unionized if they could do the girl and edge voices.
Tons of random voice actors of different powerlevels of retarded
sanic Feb 7, 10:41 PM
I can send you the volumes you need. The ones on madokami are pretty good, so I've been reading that. The movies have some good moments, my personal favorite was when Ramenman brings a map from China. And 28 episodes left in kinnikuman are still like 100 of an average shounen.
Still baffled about the 5 fights at once Akuma Chojin arc
Taking a break from Hokuto for a bit due to a flu to fully enjoy it free from the diabetes coma genjutsu
sanic Feb 5, 10:43 PM
sanic Feb 3, 9:57 PM
sanic Jan 30, 8:47 PM
They push to the extreme moments like laughing into tearing up 30 seconds later
The vocal themes playing during their heroic sacrifices are completely badass making the characters unforgettable
Buffaloman's tragic chojin soul is epic and the characters inheriting each other's killing moves is always a great time
Like that one time where Warsman tried to kill buffaloman with a 12 million chojin power attack
The snappy pacing of fights works very well in it's favor because there's both a lot of story being told and not lingering on characters the viewers might not care for

Suguru coming out to fight Rikishiman dressed up as a yokozuna was comedy gold
You're in for a ride of things going beyond bizarre and a lot of screen time for Terryman and an apache chojin
sanic Jan 26, 4:35 AM
Everything towards the end of the arc was so good, it's such a great moment
Welcome to the new banger opening

a good time to read the story summary of this thing