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No Guns Life
No Guns Life
Yesterday, 8:30 AM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Kabukichou Sherlock
Kabukichou Sherlock
Yesterday, 8:29 AM
Watching 2/24 · Scored -
Yami Shibai
Yami Shibai
Yesterday, 7:23 AM
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Oct 15, 12:21 AM
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Domestic na Kanojo
Domestic na Kanojo
Oct 15, 12:15 AM
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Oct 7, 1:21 PM
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MrZawa Yesterday, 12:14 PM
Also I just noticed now that you have birthday today. Happy birthday! \(^o^)/
MrZawa Yesterday, 11:33 AM
When you finish it we can talk about it :) I'm actually re-watching it now as well, so I will have it in fresh memory as well. Enjoy the ride! :) MSSS is one of the peaks of the series.

I'm a fan of SoLs, but NNB is actually one of the causes of that I think. It was my early Iyashikei (healing anime) and it made me love them.
chair-sama Yesterday, 7:28 AM
Happy Bday!
mattxi Yesterday, 12:20 AM
Happy Birthday! ✌
Rk003 Yesterday, 12:08 AM
Happy Birthday!!
Shitaste Oct 21, 6:48 PM
Happy birthday there mate!
MrZawa Oct 20, 1:26 AM
Shoujo is essentially opposite of Shounen, that is anime/manga for which teenage girls are the intended audience. That doesn't necessarily means that other people can't enjoy it though and from my personal experience I find Shoujo tropes less annoying than Shounen tropes and they usually Romance better, so I tend to enjoy them more. In anime form they are rares because they don't make as much money though.

Josei is essentially Seinen intended for female audience. So adult shows that are more tailored toward female viewers, but distinction between the two, unless their main theme is Romance, is pretty ambiguous since they both deal with heavier adult themes. From this my favorite show is Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, I recommend you to check it out at some point :)

I agree that Shounens can be very hit or miss. Some are amazing, eg. Monogatari, but many end up rather disappointing. Especially battle Shounens, which tend to be too formulaic imo, and Romance Shounens that often have hardly any romance progression at all.

As for Kaiki, in Nise he is interesting, but it's events that happen during Monogatari Second Season that make him amazing. I'm not sure if you watched it up to that part yet, but if not, then you will probably understand once you finish it :D

As for why Nisemonogatari is my favorite part, I think it's mostly because it encompasses the best of the themes that make me love Monogatari as much as I do. While some later parts are more elaborate in terms of plot and in some ways more interesting, some other things that I really love about Monogatari are more subdued for the sake of it.
Big part of why I love Monogatari is its over-the-top comedy, which I think was the best done in Nise. Hand in hand with that goes over-the-top, yet tasteful and to a degree even plot important, ecchi which again is imo best done in Nise. At the same time it has some great arcs in terms of story, and of all parts it's the most even season in this aspect. There wasn't really arc that I wouldn't like. Some other parts, eg. Monogatari Second Season or Owarimonogatari, have some of the best parts in terms of story, but they also have some parts I don't like too much. That is why Nise is overall winner for me. Though on my recent re-watch I started to like some arcs I didn't like before very much, eg. Nekomonogatari or Tsubasa Tiger, so I might have to re-evaluate that. But still Nise was the best in terms of enjoyment for me. And it also has some of the most iconic scenes, eg. the legendary toothbrush scene and Shinobu bath scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I have actually started to re-watch NNB recently and rediscovered again how amazing it is. So the only thing I can say is:
MrZawa Oct 19, 8:18 AM
Yeah, I love Shinobu a lot. While Monogatari is great in general she certainly made it all the more so. If anything Bakemonogatari is my least favorite part to large degree because Shinobu is mostly not present in it.

I love Psychological shows too. I'm not as much into horrors mostly because they end up disappointing often in anime form, but a good horror is great.

Besides that I really love Seinens of all kinds, philosophical shows, SoL (especially Iyashikei), good romance (mostly Shoujo and Josei ones as a result), Comedies, Fantasy and good Ecchi.
MrZawa Oct 18, 1:20 PM
I see, I'm glad it's appreciated. It's one of the things I decided to not to stop doing when I become mod because I also always thought it was lacking. Older mods say that everyone who becomes mod eventually stops posting, so lets see if I hold out. There are some obvious hurdles to it, but I'm gonna try :)

I see that you have Madoka Magica, Made in Abyss and Shinsekai Yori in your favorite anime as well as Shinobu in your favorite characters. That's some good taste.

What are some other anime that you enjoy?
MrZawa Oct 18, 11:31 AM
Hello, thanks for the friend request :) It's nice to meet you. I'm curious as to why did you add me :)
BananiSandwich Aug 22, 3:51 AM
It's always nice to see fellow Bangladeshis around ^^
BananiSandwich Aug 22, 2:19 AM
Thanks for the request!!
Shamiyanah Aug 21, 12:00 PM
If you happen to be looking for more isekai you could find quite a couple listed in this club: