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Days: 369.9
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Fruits Basket: The Final
Fruits Basket: The Final
9 hours ago
Watching 5/? · Scored 7
Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
12 hours ago
Watching 5/13 · Scored 6
Shakunetsu Kabaddi
Shakunetsu Kabaddi
Yesterday, 9:42 PM
Watching 5/12 · Scored 5
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Days: 18.5
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Uramichi Oniisan
Uramichi Oniisan
Apr 17, 7:56 AM
Dropped 25/? · Scored -
Tongari Boushi no Atelier
Tongari Boushi no Atelier
Feb 17, 6:50 AM
Dropped 10/? · Scored -
Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Feb 4, 4:37 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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MrAddict Yesterday, 1:05 AM

OOOOOH a fellow overwatch boomer :P. Ya, I'm very on/off and play maybe like 1-5 games then stop again. I should atleast finish the 1st ace of attorney game...trying to finish botw atm. I'm still on the fence on buying MHR atm since I'm debating whether I want to play without my friend (he wants it for pc). I've also never really soloed in Monster hunter world yet LOL. Just been playing with friends. Going to decide after I actually finish botw...However, I'm about to become a pokemon photographer this weekend though! Waiting for my game to ship!

I've never played Pokemon Gen 4, but I heard the game was good? Maybe you just didn't enjoy it, not sure. Although, I'm always a fan of pokemon sprites, the remake made them look like bobble heads LOL. Dunno how I feel about that. Definitely would try playing it though since I haven't played a pokemon game in a very long time (didn't buy sword&shield).

That episode 4 of Kabaddi though LMFAO. The captain with the faces and different movements made it feel so unrealistic cuz he's literally right in front of you!

MEGALO BOX #2?! Okay, are the fight scenes actually satisfying though....may try it again if the fights are good...I'm surprised your Mashiro no Oto ranking is somewhat high on the list. Kinda getting annoyed with the show seeing how it is becoming with the mc not being able to find his "sound" is reminding me of Your lie in april where the mc can't hear his "sound" and feels pretty mellow dramatic. Overall, getting uninterested and disappointed. Side cast has no purpose so far either and is becoming a plot device for the mc to find his sound to play for others, etc. Literally the similar reasons as to why I hated your lie in april. Might drop it soon at this rate.

I just hope Odd taxi can end off with a bang since it's similar to Durarara, but durarara's ending wasn't good imo. Loving the dialogue and how the show is tying things together. I really liked that gacha episode LOL. I was pretty much a gacha addict, so I can resonate with the character 's gambling addiction.

I dunno what to expect from Shadows House, but I agree with the moe cliches LOL. My god that ending song is soooo good (thank you reona!).

shuffleair said:
had low expectations for it since I was like "vampires" and anime has done the vampire genre so many times that I feared nothing new would come out of it

SAME. Not sure about the writing so far tho since it hasn't really interested me yet.

For me it'd probably be

1) Fumetsu
2) Tokyo Revengers
3) Odd Taxi
4) 86

too lazy to do the rest cuz I'm watching a lot of shows, but those are the only notable ones so far

Good, I needed less shows to watch next season since I've been overwhelmed from these last two seasons...
shuffleair Apr 30, 6:43 AM
Spring v.1 Rankings:

*1 Fumetsu no Anata e
*2 Nomad Megalo Box 2
*3 SSSS.Dynazenon
*4 Mars Red
*5 Fruits Basket: The Final
*6 Tokyo Revengers
*7 Mashiro no Oto
*8 Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 2nd Season
*9 Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
10 Odd Taxi
11 Shakunetsu Kabaddi
12 Bakuten!!
13 Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
14 Shadows House
15 Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation
MrAddict Apr 26, 3:40 PM
Sorry, very late ass reply. Was gonna reply sooner, but I've been in bed for two days since the 2nd covid vaccine dose symptoms. Feeling like myself again.

Probably cuz they're the most fun to you LOL. Idk, how long you've been playing symmetra, but she's been changed alot since season 1. I've played every changed kit of hers and she's still fun to me. Try Echo! She's fun and stronger than Pharah!

Dammmm, hunting horrrnnnnn. You're a team player! In world, I was a dual blade/switch axe and oreo was mostly long sword/on the side as hammer. Thinking of playing long sword/great sword/light bow if I do get rise later on.

I didn't even finish my ace of attorney trilogy yet...I'm such a lagger in games!!!!! Debating on getting skyward sword could just be another backlogged doesn't look all that changed to me. Never played the wii u version. I still don't know how I feel about nintendo charging older ported games for $60 controversial takes. Just because I haven't played the game yet I feel like it doesn't matter to me much? Although, I do wait for the price to go lower.

TWEWY; oh man that first arc was fast LOL. Didn't expect his second entry to be Shiki :(

Shuffleair said:
we got like the sparknotes version of everyone else.


I definitely feel that Slime's ep 2&3 are better than the 1st episode. If that does change your mind. Also, I ended up dropping Pretty boy detective club. I feel like just because it's shaft+nisioisin didn't make the genre+plot+cast+dialogue interesting to me. Felt it was better to just drop it now. The dialogue and cast weren't hitting it for me. Kinda assuming it's mostly because of the setting as well. Dropped it after assuming it was the conclusion to the 1st arc.

BUT WHY IS MARCH SO DAM CUTEEEEEE. I also love the dynamic and humor with Fushi+March in that episode. March is such an interesting character as a kid just not wanting to die atm and not just simply happy to sacrifice. Hopefully she doesnt die...PLEASE DONT DIE. Watching Ep 3 today!
MrAddict Apr 22, 3:01 AM
LMFAO, I'm not toxic! I'm bad at valorant just in Silver ranked. I always play with a premade 5, so that just makes me not toxic.

In Overwatch THOUGH. I played since it came out, so I was very toxic. Season 3 I peaked at masters (support ana, roadhog/zarya main). I stopped playing by season 5 cuz the game wasn't as fun anymore with how bad they balance the game. I feel like it's impossible to balance anyways. Whenever I come back to play with one of my friends that recently got a pc during covid, I'm still way too frustrated with the game LOL. What role/who do you play? Also, bye jeff!

Oooh, I've been thinking of getting monster hunter rise, but I might as well wait for pc I guess. What weapon are you using?

Ahh, yeah I can see the pacing being bad now LOL. I guess I'm just blindly enjoying the flow of the anime right now without much context.

They did not build up the supporting characters well enough for me to like them...I'm honestly glad that the girl who stalks Hori barely got any screen time other than that one episode. Sakura felt such a ditched character LOOOL. I agree, that love triangle was weak.

The Slime slice of life isn't bad, but you're not missing much if you decide to skip this. I've been enjoying it. Not much to talk about, but it's what you'd expect from a slice of life.

WHY ARE YOU SLACKING ON To Your Eternity's 2nd EPISODE!!! Jk, that 2nd episode I enjoyed it ALOT. It made me want to read the manga to see what happens next. I can't believe I'm restraining myself because this is such a good anime. I'd think I would ruin my enjoyment if I went to the manga and anime at the same time. ANIME WATCHER FOR LIFE!
MrAddict Apr 20, 3:30 AM
Yeah, I thought the rules were wack LOL. Episode 2 had better dialogue for sure. It just became even weirder.

Yep, I play video games. Just play Valorant on the pc atm. For console games, I have the switch for breath of the wild (still not finished...) and hollow knight. I also have persona 4 golden on steam, but I barely dented it. Not too worried about it since I watched the anime for it without realizing it was a game LOL.

I still haven't seen what kind of game TWEWY is. Probably has a lower score cuz of the fanbase. Supposedly, the pacing is fast from what other redditors are saying, but they don't mind it? What do you think about the anime so far? Is it doing justice for the game?

Horimiya disappointed me....just hearing and seeing the pacing wasn't good imo. I just didn't care for the side characters much either. Think it would of been better if it was a longer anime, but that's not possible. If only they spaced out the building up with t he romance and slice of life rather than slice of life for the majority of the 2nd half of the show....Wth I've never heard of that anime you put as your #1 favorite from that season

LMFAO, pretty true for nagatoro. Although, the beginning of nagatoro is often seen as more bullying rather than teasing for sure. I've read the manga and the bullying lessens. Just more teasing later on. It is a rough start though since I also didn't like it in the manga.

B-but...Kabaddi's matches or practice matches don't really animate much. It just doesn't feel that entertaining for me. It's atmost sitting around a 5.5-6 for me.
MrAddict Apr 18, 1:25 AM
NAHHHH, I think I just don't like the all male pretty boy sports ever since Free! LOOL. Dang, you dropped Bishounen Tanteidan? Shuffleair hates the bois in that show?! :(

omg, I've never played TWEWY, but I'm actually enjoying the anime LOL. I just really like the character designs, ost, and fights. Didn't really know what to expect much. Pacing was whatever for the 1st episode.

Kemono Jihen just ended up being a neither good nor bad anime for me. Last arc was meh. I think it had a strong first half though.

no, you're not a BBB. We're both BBBs! don't like to be bullied by Nagatoro??? You're for sure not missing much with Kabaddi. I'm probably going to drop it midway.
MrAddict Apr 17, 4:37 AM
Not interested in watching Bakuten LOL

B-but I don't want to waste 22min of my life knowing that I already won't like the show :(

Yeah, I'm surprised you're watching oddtaxi LOL. I love the opening song for it alot.

Tokyo revengers; I'm liking it so far, but hopefully they can execute well than erased. I hated the erased ending it was way too anticlimactic for me.

Why was To your eternity's 1st episode so dam good.
MrAddict Apr 16, 6:53 PM
MrAddict Apr 16, 5:37 PM
MrAddict Apr 15, 2:26 AM
LMFAOO, I was pretty bored of the edginess and I was basically watching this show in 2x~4x speed! Didn't regret the drop tho :P

Although, that promised neverland was the true regret of the season. I love having a ppt slide presentation for the conclusion of an anime LOOOL
shuffleair Apr 3, 5:58 AM
Spring v.2.9 Rankings:

*1 Kai Byoui Ramune -
*2 Kemono Jihen -
*3 Jujutsu Kaisen ↑1
*4 Yuru Camp△ Season 2 ↑1
*5 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ ↑1
*6 Horimiya ↓3
*7 SK8 -
*8 Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season -
*9 Tenchi Souzou Design-bu -
10 Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu ↑3
11 Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season ↑4
12 Non Non Biyori Nonstop ↓1
13 Hataraku Saibou Black ↓1
14 Wonder Egg Priority ↑4
15 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou ↓5
16 Osomatsu-san 3rd Season -
17 Tenkuu Shinpan NEW
18 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu ↓1
19 Hataraku Saibou!! ↓1
20 Dr. Stone: Stone Wars ↓1
21 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2 ↓7
22 Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season ↓1
MrAddict Mar 6, 4:08 AM
The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 NANI?!

MrAddict Mar 4, 11:54 PM
you're gonna want to fight the author of quintuplets when you see who wins LMFAO
MrAddict Mar 4, 10:34 PM
shuffleair Mar 3, 8:16 PM
Winter v.2 Rankings:

*1 Kai Byoui Ramune ↑8
*2 Kemono Jihen ↑1
*3 Horimiya ↓2
*4 Jujutsu Kaisen -
*5 Yuru Camp△ Season 2 ↓3
*6 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ ↓1
*7 SK8 -
*8 Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season -
*9 Tenchi Souzou Design-bu ↑3
10 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou -
11 Non Non Biyori Nonstop ↓3
12 Hataraku Saibou Black ↑1
13 Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu NEW
14 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2 ↓3
15 Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season -
16 Osomatsu-san 3rd Season ↓2
17 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu -
18 Wonder Egg Priority -
19 Hataraku Saibou!! ↑1
20 Dr. Stone: Stone Wars ↓1
21 Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season ↓1

- If you're curious this season is very good. The top six animes on here are very close within each other. So any of those could take top slot at the end of the season.