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Jul 21, 2019
When I think about it, I probably adored Yajirobee because of my own personal experiences with love and family. But I believe that speaks more to it’s quality. Shoujo manga being emotionally relatable is a rare feat to me, especially when it doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard to do so.

The best part of Yajirobee is the focal relationship between step-dad Seiji and foster daughter Haru. They have an extremely casual relationship (Haru almost never calls him “Dad” and it’s weird when he’s labeled as one.) Together they’ve got a charming, heartwarming, witty and inspiring relationship. Haru realizing how much her father has read more
May 26, 2019
Pretty problematic premise but I couldn't stop watching it. Enjoyable. Not sure if I wanna watch it again though.

That's a one-sentence review. I could write a whole piece on why the show is problematic, especially in terms of overweight portrayal, fetishization of gay's a bit obnoxious in that regard. I get that it's a sect of humor that some people think is funny, but I don't find that much humor in it. Outside of those aspects, the rest of the show can be fun. Mutsumi-senpai is best boy. If she had ended up with him or Nishina then it would've been a 10/10.

I read more