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Jun 15, 2019
For those that are curious, this is an animated adaption from the manga with the same name, beautifully illustrated by Igarashi Daisuke. For starters, I think the film was definitely ambitious, but in honesty was all round lacking in a sense that the director could not successfully portray the clarity within the material of the original work.

STORY: (7/10) Five whole volumes of plot, filled with existentialistic concepts combining science fiction and supernatural themes, delicate portrayals of the relationship between the characters and the panoramas of sea life- all of these are condensed into a mere 111 minutes, a little less than two hours. Nevertheless, read more
Aug 8, 2018
I'd actually give it a 8.5 if I could.

I was hesitant about watching this movie as I'm not a very big fan of Mari Okada's other works, aside from her signature move of making the audience cry with a sentimental ending, she often lacked what great story telling should always have- that is the dynamic of the story, plot (especially plot), and characters altogether. If you love watching anime, you either love or hate her, and I tend to dislike her works. However Maquia proved to be, most likely the first step towards the peak of her talent, and what she really CAN achieve read more