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Violet Evergarden
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badsprings Jul 13, 5:39 PM
Sure thing, I'll get back to you if I still have questions after my second read.
badsprings Jul 12, 8:19 PM
Hello! I just wanted to hop over from your review of Wagamama Chie-chan to say I enjoyed it, thank you for writing it. I just finished the manga minutes ago and was enthralled by its story (though I'm still trying to make sense of a lot of it). A very interesting manga that I will likely reread very soon.
RabbitTear34 Jul 8, 8:03 PM
An unoccupied slot! That sounds like a little dream comes true. I've grown up as an only child and I always wished for a sister or brother. So this slot might help me to escape from my melancholic condition which I probably only built to wallow in self-pity.. ;)

Princess Mononoke is about relationships and conflicts. You need at least two parties for such a relationship/conflict and it doesn't matter if this parties are humans, animals or other beings. So I agree with that interpretation. But in my opinion Princess Mononoke can be interpreted in various ways. Apart this conflict/war theme it contains the theme of identity. What are we made of, black or white.. , bad or good.. There doesn't exist such extremes. There is only "grey". All characters if humans or animals are grey characters. We don't have the story of humans are destroying nature and so are killing all animals, a where humans are bad and animals are good storyline. No, we have living beings which act like they have a soul and act with kind of bad and good behaviour. Animals act like humans and the other way around. I didn't say Princess Mononoke is mainly about animals and humans. I said it is about the relationships (a relationship can be conflicted like in a war) they have and I would add the theme identity. As you said we have just to live and accept that we are made up of "grey". We are neither good or bad as are animals but we can try find a way that anybody has a chance to live and can find its own identity for himself (in society).

Nah, I heard the movie Norwegian Wood isn't a good portayal of the book and only scratched the surface of it. And Norwegian Wood isn't really about love and relationships. As the secondary characters feel more shallow. It is mainly about the protagonist and how he finds his depressed way of life and if he'll find a way out of this deep melancholic life. But we don't really know, it's more up to our own interpretation. I heard the book captured these feelings of the protagonist far better. Murakami's books are mainly about the characters, their inner conflicts, fantasies,..
He sometimes is compared to Kafka.
Oh, if you don't like "sex-obsessed" works or works with sex, I don't know if The Handmaiden is a movie for you. There are many sex scenes in it (similar to "Blue is the warmest Color") and the past of one female character has to do with sex-related things or rather with sex-obsessed men.. But I think it is all kind of natural integrated in a good Chan-wook story.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll probably try "The Abyss" after I've finished 1Q84 and maybe Hard-Boiled Wonderland by Murakami.

Yeah, Donna Bae is such a human mystery..

No, you didn't sound mean. Your sound smells rather funny, cute and honest. I like the sound in your words :)
I was just wondering a bit ironical about the site arguments of trying to put BDP into some words which can't really good explain it.

I watched Shiki-Jitsu and it was amazing. Such an intense experience. At first it looked like a romance but was so much more than romantic. It is a movie about existentialism, identity, finding purpose for living, letting go of the past, about stumbling through the madness in life until you see the small good things life is made of. It is about fantasy worlds, the one who wants to escape from them and the one who wants to go deeper into them. And then there is this connection both protagonists have and we experience how they learn to find a place in the reality or rather trying to create their own way of living. The end (the conversation with her mother) felt a bit forced to me and I would liked a bit more open end but overall it was an intense journey I really enjoyed and loved. Thanks for reminding me to experience this movie. You can always recommend me similar intense, atmospheric, slow paced and character focused works :)
RabbitTear34 Jun 29, 11:01 AM
Thanks for the reply. I'm not really familiar with IRC and I like rather the "slow paced" form of conversation where you have many thoughts about something and take your time writing them, like a letter. I'm not really good in small conversation too ;)

Your description of your extraordinary past experiences reads like a childhood drama with a kid living in a more or less evil place and find it's freedom and solace in fantasy worlds or in your place difficult and sometimes disturbing adult books, like you said with the guy who opened his stomach :O
Damn, my life is in comparison really boring. I would like to be your brother back then and share the uneasy life and find fantasy worlds in books and media but I have to admit I would have been probably just a frightened rabbit who is hiding behind your back (maybe like Fiver in Watership Down). So I'm sure I wouldn't been not much of help. But hell, I don't know how many times I've read your secret memories, I would like to read an autobiography of your past. I smiled when I got to the sentences of you hiding in a closet and watching Lily Chou-Chou. It's just a perfect room for this movie with its oppressive atmosphere. But I think you rather felt there free because it was your own room in that moment.

Yes, I love Princess Mononoke too. It's a great movie about the relationships between humans, nature and animals and have many philosophical and social themes.

So that's a great reason for learning japanese. And no, I really love your writing style. Please keep it. I would love to be not dependent on finding good subs and waiting for the english release date too.

Hmm, books. I sadly haven't really got into books because I'm a lazy reader but I'm trying to change the status quo and want to read more books. Mainly because books are mostly better executed and are more intimate than movies or series. I'm reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami right now and I definitely want to try more by him especially "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" and "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle". I think I would love them. And I love the Watership Down book like the movie. And I have read many Warrior Cats books because I was searching for an experience like Watership Down. The Warrior Cats saga was a good read but nothing like Watership Down. But there isn't much else I'm reading or have read despite some not so good books and some school books. So I have as good as no experience with books and I struggle to find some which I could love. Because I'm a slow reader I want to read only the ones I would really love. But I know that's impossible. I'm searching for books similar to ABe's anime or Asano's and Ashinano's manga. Psychological but not overdramatised, subtle symbolistic, focusing more on the characters and let the story simply flow. A story which sets an intense mood and atmosphere but not being really in the focus. No perfectionism rather a pure and intimate experience. I would like rather a slow pacing than a fast one that mostly has many twists. I like when it's focusing at childhood and adolescence maybe a coming-of-age story or when it's rather an Iyashikei one focusing on the daily life. Something that is mainly rooted in the psychological and/or Slice-of-Life genre.
If you have a book in your mind that I could like, I would like to hear it. And I see you like the works by Takako Shimura. I'm watching Wandering Son by him and it's pretty good so far.

Yes, Chang-ok's Letter is a good watch. You'll find it at youtube. It was somehow produced or sponsored by Nestle. Probably the best advertisement which doesn't feel like one. It was pure luck that I found it.

I love almost everything by world's end girlfriend especially his soundtracks in Air Doll and Starry Starry Night. Yes, I've watched both of them and I love them. I always love to watch Donna Bae acting in movies (she plays great in Linda Linda Linda too, rather a feeling good movie). Starry Starry Night was a great watch too. It has something I already loved in Pan's Labyrinth.
I am sorry that your grandpa died. My grandma I really loved died many years ago too and I wish I could eat something she made one last time or watching her while she smokes during a moment of pure relaxation. I cried at the movie too but it was mostly because the movie was so well done with it's imagination and little protagonists acting.
And I'm really hyped for WEG's next soundtrack in the upcoming Tasha Tudor movie. Do you know Katsuhiko Maeda (man behind WEG) has an own label "Virgin Babylon Records", I love their works so much.

Nils Frahm is a great composer too. I don't know why I forgot him in my list. I love his Spaces album. And I wish I could experience a live concert by him. Hell, I'm german and he too, so I don't know why I didn't already experience one of his conecerts yet. Something I have to do soon. Sleep by Max Richter is a great listen but I couldn't really sleep while listened to it because the music is just to great to go to sleep. Especially when you're a big fan of calm ambient music like I am. Thanks for recommending Tujiko Noriko, I'll try her music.

Yes, I love the wild, a bit "melancholic" nature in czech and maybe I could love their movies too. Thanks for the recs.
For movies by Kurosawa, I only watched his magnum epos Seven Samurai. And it was a very good watch although I love Iwai's movies more or the three and a half hours movie Eureka I already recommended to you (a must watch). I want to watch Tokyo Story by Ozu and Woman in the Dunes soon. I'm excited how I'll like them.
Love Exposure was something I was interested because it was highly praised and it is a very long watch. And I like long movies. It's probably one of the best movies which combines comedy with love with coming-of-age. It was really an intense watch and normally I don't like comedy movies so much but this is an exception :) After Love Exposure I watched Sono's work "Suicide Club". Man, this was one of the most disturbing movies I ever watched even more difficult to watch than Battle Royale or Confessions. Maybe Nakashima's "The World of Kanako" was as disturbing as Suicide Club so if you want something fucked up or weird I recommend them. But Suicide Club is not so easy to understand in my oinion. It is very philosophical and symbolistic. And you probably know that Battle Royale and Confessions are very psychological. And I don't know what Kanako really is. But I probably can't watch it a second time.

Hmmm, don't worry, I yet don't know if I have BPD for sure, but there is a high chance I have it too. At the hompage ( it says that BPD "centers on the inability to manage emotions effectively". I don't know yet how they mean what they say. But I mostly can't control my emotions and I'm really often looking at the nature like the man in the picture they show at this page and I like to do it and just look and look and sometimes photograph :)

Don't drop Punpun, it gets much darker and have more story climaxes and drama in the second half, the first half is an important coming-of-age beginning to build up the mood and atmosphere. Oyasmi Punpun cares a lot at the philosophical worldviews of the characters Punpun met and it's so beautiful, disturbing (mostly in the end and especially in the 12th volume) and psychological and much more. Probably the best coming-of-age story I've experienced. Maybe you'll try it a second time. I want to read Solanin in the next days. So I'm hyped for it.

Oh and yesterday I watched "The Handmaiden" and I have to say this is a really beautiful movie made by Park Chan-wook. It was a very clever story packaged in a little revenge story and exploring the nature of passion, desire, freedom etc. But I have to admit I have a feeling that I missed a little bit the subtle intimate look into the character's hidden human nature like in A Bride for Rip Van Winkle. But what movie does really do that apart from Iwai's works. Handmaiden has a bit too much story and twists for my taste. Yet I really love what I've seen and I can fully recommend it if you want a movie that focuses more at female characters. And it's really one of the best movies in 2016. Especially the cinematography and music is amazing.
Today I'm finally watching Shiki-Jitsu I think. And I'm really excited.
RabbitTear34 Jun 27, 3:27 PM
You don't have to say sorry, just be like you are. I like people who have some issues with communicating or with fitting in society. I have some issues finding a place in society as well. But that makes you just more human than the average people who want to be perfect.

Wow, you watched All About Lily Chou-Chou when you were so young. I don't know if I could have handled this serious and intense, yet difficult movie at this young age. My worldview in terms of music and movies was very small-minded and I thought the most movies out there are Hollywood ones and I didn't really look beyond the mainstream stuff at this age with the exceptions of the movies "Watership Down" and "Winged Migration" which both I never stop to love. Now I've got more and more addicted to other forms of media. I love more the intimate and creative movies from other countries. Especially japanese movies have something special I miss in most other movies. The intense atmosphere, the artistic or heartwarming exposure of life and daily life of the characters, a psychological exploration through the madness of the human mind, the richness of visual storytelling and metaphors over a storytelling with mainly words, the slow pacing, the "mono no aware" philosophy etc. I can relate to these various kinds of film art much more than to most Hollywood movies or the movies (despite documentary movies) of the country where I'm living (Germany).
And I really love how Shunji Iwai is exploring life in his country through film. He's probably my most fav. director because his works feel so natural and intimate. A journey through the life of a character(s) and a journey through the character's mind. What are we made of? Where is my place in life and can I even find it? What is really important to myself, the connection to other people or to find the perfect life through fitting in society? etc. I love the way he takes care of the actors as human beings than expedients for a great story. You don't need a great story, sometimes you just need a character(s) you can try to understand, you can relate to or just experience its daily routine.
That's why I love his works so much, they are simple but yet complex, they are beautiful and yet sometimes disturbing. They are a portrayal of life.
I don't really need a movie with a purpose, I just need a movie which creates a reflection of life, human and social condition, or even myself.
While watching "All About Lily Chou-Chou" I was unsure what life is really about. Do I have to stumble from a moment to another? Do I have to escape from life itself? Creating hope, a place of freedom or fiction, something where only I belong to, something which gives me a reason for living, a purpose, an aim? What do I have to do? Why isn't god giving me a guide for living at this place? How can I free myself from the cruelty in life? How can I free myself? How can I just grow without destroying myself? These and many more questions explore All About Lily Chou-Chou. And after I finished it I realised that life can't be explained with words, it has various facets and you only can experience it by yourself or observe forms of it to understand what life is about. Lily Chou-Chou was one of the most intense life experiences I've had. And so I couldn't help myself but to embrace this beautiful and yet disturbing piece of art in my heart.
I yet need to watch some other works by Iwai like especially Swallowtail Butterfly and Love Letter. Btw. the four part mini series he released this year with Doona Bea as a housewife is pretty good too.

Thank you for sharing your blog page. I'll definitely like it and I looked at your bandcamp page and saw that you like music by "flau" and "Ricco Label" which I really like too. My fav. music genres are ambient, drone, post-rock, (neo-) classical, shoegaze, electronic, folk, indie and dream pop. And I really love artists like Kashiwa Daisuke, world's end girlfriend, Tim Hecker, Sigur Rós, Ólafur Arnalds, Grouper, Ichiko Aoba, MONO, Max Richter, matryoshka, GY!BE, Yukari/Aseul, piana and many more. Sorry for changing the topic somehow :)

I'm definitely trying to watch more movies from other countries as well like South Korea, Taiwan, China, France, etc. And I have so many movies in my ptw list. And thanks for the recs, I definitely try them out. Especially Shiki-Jitsu/Ritual is movie I wanted to watch since a long time. But I think I'm finally trying it out this week. And I yet need to watch the taiwanese movies Yi Yi and A Brighter Summer Day. I hope I'll love them.
If you want to try out a subtle, very imaginative, humorous romance I recommend you "Castaway in the Moon" (2009) by the south-korean director Lee Hae-jun. It's one of the best romance movies I've seen. And I can recommend you the japanese movies Eureka, Love Exposure, The Taste of Tea and Linda Linda Linda. Especially Eureka (2000) by Shinji Aoyama is a movie you have to experience. It was a very intimate and atmospheric experience like I had with All About Lily Chou-Chou. It's actually my second most favorite movie right after Lily Chou-Chou.

I'll read Wagamama Chie-chan for sure. I have put it on my ptw list. Do you like Inio Asano's works like Oyasumi Punpun? I'll definitely recommend it to you. It's a coming-of-age masterpiece.

I don't mind for having people in my favs list who are only a bit or not really anime related like the componist Kashiwa Daisuke (you have to listen to his song "Stella") and Shunji Iwai. So maybe I meet people who like them too :)

I would like to have the wallpaper.
I'll read my way through your blog too.
Btw. you can tell me what you want to tell, it can be off-topic or a deep wish you want to share ;) I'm just happy that we met and can share thoughts, feelings, memories about what we love and experienced. Can I ask you if you're of Japanese background because of the titles of movies you write in japanese? Or did you have learned this difficult but so beautiful language?
And sorry for writing so much, I don't want to spam your profile. Shall I make my replies with a spoiler button smaller?
RabbitTear34 Jun 26, 7:52 PM
why did you delete the comment, you just wrote to me? I wanted to reply to you especially because we share a similar taste in anime (Utena, KnT, Haibane Renmei, YKK,..)
I liked the Kino no Tabi movie. I thought it has a similar atmosphere like the series have. Nakamura directed it too. Maybe its themes and story weren't so great in comparison to the series but I would be really happy to watch another Kino no Tabi series similar to the movie. But I should rewatch it.
Wow, you like Shunji Iwai?! And you did watch "A Bride for Rip Van Winkle"? This was one of the best movies 2016, maybe even the best. The three hours were such an intimate journey through the protagonist's life and conflicts. It almost felt like another "All About Lily Chou-Chou" (my most fav. movie by Iwai). And it was so beautiful filmed and Haru Kuroki as well as Cocco did a great job in giving live to their roles. I love that it felt so real and natural like I was observing them in reality. Such an underrated gem in the film market. I would like to hear more of your thoughts about Iwai's work(s) :D

Edit: Oh and I really love your profile artworks.
84DaysWithout Mar 6, 12:11 AM
Cool review on Wagamama Chie-chan. Definitely gonna check that out soon