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May 13, 2015
The perfect choice for anyone with some time to spare and in the mood to have his or her heart touched. Despite being called one, this anime is not as long as the average “movie.” But do not worry! For what it lacks in length, it definitely makes up for in content.

This movie revolves around Keiichiro, a young man who has lost his family and his passion for music, and Flower, an outdated, clumsy helper-android with a bad memory. The two meet at a garbage site, where Keiichiro finds himself unable to leave her behind, despite the fact that someone has obviously thrown her away. read more
May 12, 2015
While deciding to watch Eve no Jikan I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not I'd even like it, but as the movie started and the story unraveled before my eyes, I found myself being dragged into it with each passing minute. It even caught the attention of my younger brother, who ended up taking the time out of his normally video game filled day to sit down and watch it with me. Which I must say, considering how well I know my brother, says a lot about the quality of this movie.

Technology plays a huge role in today's world and Eve read more