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Oct 9, 2013
First on the name, before i watch this anime i check the name, i though it was boring to watch because of the name of anime, but i was wrong to judge it " dont judge the book by its cover" or dont judge the anime by its title.

The story is unique, a boy who is addicted in playing games, but not an ordinary game, dating sim. But what happen if that dating sim will become real, and your life is depend on that game?
at 1st, i thought katsuragi will just ignore it and find another way to remove that thing in her neck, read more
Sep 26, 2013
One day when I was searching for some anime to watch, I suddenly saw ChaoS;HEAd. Because there was a picture of all girls, I assumed it was a harem. Then I found the genre, it was harem but not comedy. Then I tried to watch it because it was a harem ( harem- one of my favorite genre in anime ^^ )

I liked this anime because:

The story is to difficult to understand in the start, but even though it's difficult to understand, I continued to watch because of Takumi. Takumi is a boy who has no friends but he is an otaku. That's why read more