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Dec 30, 2015

in real life, your life cycle is, work~ rest~ a little entertainment in life~ work again, that little entertainment in life is like hanging out w/friends or playing some online games. Working days is not the same as college day where you can hang out with your friends every time school days is done, in working daily life, you only have limited off cause working is always priority, although this is my part of my review.

story is relaxing to watch, most of anime now is more on school setting that is boring to watch, well on this anime there survival game and friendship trust every read more
Dec 11, 2015

before i watch this digimon movie, i re watch several episode of digimon adventures because its been a year since i last watch a digimon, well digimon is my good childhood memories cause every morning i waiting for this anime.


its been 15 years ( i think ) since the last episode of digimon adventures 01/02, although the story is same from digimon adventure 2, but its incomplete or lack of explanation, yah i know its movie and it will give more explanation on future episode thats why i putting it on this review, i gonna put a score as 7/10 for now cause i enjoy read more
Feb 12, 2015
is it worth to use your memories exchange of greater power?
some of us have good and bad memories, and some of us will use our memories in exchange of greater power because they have more bad memories than good.

story: 8
the story continue, and yet the student who made they own country still fighting for no reason. Still l-elf is the one who carry the whole anime, because of her title " one man army " ( most likely lelouch ). In my opinion, season 2 of Kakumeiki Valvrave have a good flow of story, because the viewers are starting to become confuse of the read more
Jan 13, 2015
i become interested on this manga because of some recommendation from other harem manga.

Story: 8

the story can happen in reality, well i think it already happen on different country. I can understand the story because they make a setting on school where they market is student or teenagers.

art: 8

The drawings are good and you can understand easily.


character is the interesting part
in food sadist and yandere is the spies or special flavor , that's why this manga is good.
to tell you the truth im reading chapter 7+ but i cant even remember the character name. ex. "hotaru, who is that is that the read more
Jan 5, 2015
why 10? im graduate at college and now im starting my job, on that time i start thinking, should i watch school type anime? because my mind is not on school anymore but in the the field of work right now. I saw amaburi on internet and i start watching it, at first its just a plain anime, and i planned to drop it, but instead of dropping, i just hold it and wait for the several episode to released.

story 10:

story is outstanding because while im watching this anime, im starting to have a confident on my self because the story is about how to read more
Dec 17, 2014
story: 6

i dont know on others why the story is interesting, reading the 1st chapter i start to drop this, why? i like seinen genre, but this one is not, after seeing chapter 1, you can already see what is the ending.

the art is good and well details just like the others

loner in the room of lovers, its better if they put hikigaya hachiman in their, loner word is not appropriate on the mc. there is a bit character development cause there is a team romance in their room

enjoyment: 6
the story is focus on those 2, but every time 1 one of them talks read more
Dec 23, 2013

Story: title of the 1st episode is good, on that time i only expect its like a romance comedy of a boy and a girl just like the other anime, i predict the other episode have the same thing just like the 1st episode. But all my idea on next episode was wrong. The truth is, this is the 1st anime harem i watch, thats why i become interested on this anime even the story is normal.

The design of there IS is unique.
The character design was good,

before i make a review for this anime, i watch several anime( harem, comedy action), read more
Oct 10, 2013
when i find this anime of some recommendation of my past anime, ill see the cover photo, " i think its genre is comedy" i said to myself, but i was mistaken because its fantasy genre.

i become attract to this anime because i see that the main character is over power but lazy, one of the trait i want in the anime.

story 7/10
gift game? its to difficult to understand the story, because i when i see gift game, i remember " sword art online" thats why i cant understand the story.

sound 8/10
well the opening is not good and not bad.
the ending song is good, read more
Oct 10, 2013
the 1st time i watch this anime is in year of 2005 i think

on that time i dont like some anime ( i think im 11 yrs old on that time ) but when i see kira yamato change on that time ( ep 11 awakening sword ) or he released his true power or gone berserk i find this anime interesting. but i dont make an effort to criticized the story on that time

2011- i planned to watch to watch this anime because i remember it.
on that time i try to criticized the story or try to understand. because i want to know why read more
Oct 9, 2013
after finishing s1 of "The world God only knows" i started to watch this season

Its like the season 1, or continuation of the last ep of s1. " conquer all the girl to capture the loose soul"

i like the opening because its English. The lyrics is match on the anime.

same as season 1, elsie and keima.
but in this season not only school girl he needs to conquer
there is a: teacher, a tsundere girl, and a annoying classmate

i totally enjoy watching this anime, because i though he cant conquer a cold hearted girl ( tsundere ), a annoying classmate, and a teacher.i totally laugh when read more