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Tentai-chan Jul 15, 4:27 PM
Mostly the anime stuff: lowcostplay 😂 I'm not a cosplayer but would like to edit myself I have superpowers hahaha. Memes. Placing 2D characters on real life. Cute stuff, cute gif for mal profile. Placing people's face on celebrity or be with them for entertainment. Also for work, editing logo, photo teasers and for advertisement. I only edit fun photos when I'm on the mood, when it comes to work, I had to force myself 😂

Currently, studying lineart for digital drawing using photoshop. Soon, I'll have drawing tab which is much easier to draw there. Not really talented on drawing, but since I like to learn, I have to practice. I wanted to own comics too and soon my friend wanted me to draw anime characters for his game, he's a game developer and wanted to help him.

Do you draw too?
Ranacchi Jul 12, 9:08 AM
Something like that, yes
I would like to have a little bit more space for myself and my stuff

When it comes to books I tend to get a little uncomfortable bringing borrowed goods with me in public transport.
A lot can go wrong. There's small children, food and drinks everywhere, drunk people...

Part of summer I plan on spending with my grandmother for various reasons.
Of course I'll tackle a bunch of the anime challenge entries. And I really hope they get the forums fixed before the end of the year.
If we're just talking summer then
* Island
* Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san
* Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama
* Shichisei no Subaru
* Angel of Death
* Overlord III
* Cells at work
* Phantom in the Twilight
* Jashin-chan Dropkick
* Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight
* Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou
* Tales of the Rays
* Tsukumogami Kashimasu

Some I know I'll pick up right away (Overlord being one of them), others I may end up binging near the final episode release or postpone them if I end up not being in the mood.

I may eventually dive into Attack on Titan once it's ended (that is, if I live to see it happen, idk how long AoT will continue for. Could be as long as Dragon Ball if not longer.)
I've seen a few spoilers here and there but some aspects of it sound interesting.

Tentai-chan Jul 9, 2:18 AM
Yes I'd played one and I still mess up, its just hard to beat computer AI unless when you switch option to easy mode ~ then its boring and not challenging, then trying medium and hard makes me feel idiot ( ̄▽ ̄)huehuehue ~

Yeah I love arts and hand craft, I used to do that when I was in highschool, I used to be the outstanding on arts when having scrap book projects. I recycled anything, magazines incomplete pages, dried petals etc... then I bought colored pens, glitters etc... then during our general cleaning in our house, dad told me to threw it all away because it only stocks mess and consume spaces in our house, that's when I stopped doing arts and craft. Before I threw it all away, I took them a photos to have soft copy, uploaded in Facebook to share memories with highschool classmates. So my art doesn't stop. So I study basic Photoshop skills so I can edit, so this time as soft copy.

How about you? Have fun on party! ☆\(◎ ω ◎ ) /
Ranacchi Jul 7, 4:58 PM
I should be able to attend the whole weekend without any concern next year, that is, if things go according to plan.
I don't expect the housing market to shift into 5th gear all of a sudden. It's been mostly slumbering. Hard to find places, hard to sell places.
The convention was fun, I found some "rare" plushie I didn't expect to find there, an older Nendoroid figure, bought a couple manga as well.
Finished 3 out of 4 so far. I'm taking it slow. Really slow. Manga is too pricey to rush through.

Let's hope so, with the new season having started I'm missing the weekly discussions. Not that I participated in that many but the ones I have participated in were quite pleasant.

Got any plans for summer? (and what shows do you plan on watching, if any)
Ayato-Hiragi Jul 7, 3:14 PM
Oh i see.
11una Jul 7, 5:32 AM
Currently in love with Pugs! Haha I also love cats, pandas and monkeys loool <3
Tentai-chan Jul 6, 3:23 AM
(≧▽≦) Nah ~ I will still watch with subs (≧▽≦) of course for my guide also, maybe if you forgotten the basic ones (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦)

Yeah, then may end up offend someone like "you seem that you're chatting with many people, do I disturb you?" something like that (≧▽≦) then felt awkward later when you accidentally left them because you just don't have signals, no internet etc... then people will assume they're feeling bored to chat with (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦) I avoid those (≧▽≦)

Badminton helps improves your reflex reaction, volleyball is exciting which where the ball will bounce to and get excited to hit it hihihi thi it hurts the wrists (≧▽≦) when I win on Chess, it makes me feel genius, when I lost easily I feel stupid noob (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦)

Ahhh it feels good after I deleted all the messages in mal, what's left are for my reference profile. For me, its fun to have lots of email, email for social media, separate email for business, gaming emails (≧▽≦) dummmies lol (≧▽≦) until I forgot the others.

Anyway, how's life going?
ParaFox314 Jul 5, 12:25 PM
Ok Ill join an in a bit as I'm studying now

Mandarin and kanji are the same things...other the Mandarin just got Chinese reading, more complexes and have over 5000 to learn everything thing the same just the names are in the kanji that make the name of the stroke is the same in Chinese but said differently with some exceptions... does that make sense?

"I just separated katakana and hiragana in my head so if they're the same thing there would only be 2, not 3." you learning? If so I can help you if you want?

Yep self-taught just me, Youtube and a lot of books going to, in about 2-3 years see if I can get an N2 or 1 and be a translate

Ayato-Hiragi Jul 3, 4:00 PM
A challenge on MAL?
Tentai-chan Jul 2, 6:49 PM
Oh agree! (^ε^) it will become 3, but I still don't count it ( ̄ε ̄)for me, I have to be kinda fluent on it so I can count ~ well hopefully I'll learn soon because I can't put much time to it, so I can do is just watch anime subs (≧▽≦)

Maybe I can consider this as chats. But the chat I know is smaller amount of words (≧▽≦) when you see them online, you assume them to reply fast (≧▽≦) unlike mal, when they're online, it doesn't mean they're active to reply (≧▽≦) hahahaha I'm complicated (≧▽≦)

about me being bad at chats like if we're both online, reply fast then of course I have to think what I should type then end up replying like such as: oh i see, nice, really, ah, cool (≧▽≦) I sound boring, so I'm better in replying comments (≧▽≦)

The sports I really like is table tennis next is badminton, tho playing basketball & volleyball is enjoyable too, I also like it. I love to play chess even I suck on it (≧▽≦) you? do you like sports?

hmm I think I'll start to deleting mal messages soon, I'm careful on my emails at work so I delete some and left the unread so I know I haven't read it yet or mark as unread if I haven't done the task yet. I use different email when receiving social notifications, so probably I haven't deleting yet and I guess I received thousands social media emails (≧▽≦) how about you?
ParaFox314 Jul 2, 3:55 PM
(๑•﹏•) Sorry I can't...the only why is on this site and that parts down at the moment, the community is where it's at; I would get the invite from the discord but it turned off. As for the discord link if you don't mind

Yeah there different spelling but it to tell the formally like Oshienai and Oshiemasen which is formal, you have synonyms as well, but I think you mean things like THIS KANJI! ( •̀ω•́ )σ 生 (life kanji... I hate this kanji)...Yeah, this one gets confusing... it has no more than 9 plus readings to it.

I never heard of the third form...maybe hangul sorry I've only head of for Japanese is kanji, katakana and hiragana (both of which I know)

( ̄▽ ̄)ゞYeah it a way to make a mountain into a molehill saying "gotta catch them all" makes it much more positive than saying "why do I have to learn so much" then crying also it not so bad I been lean for about 6 months now and I know around...800 (not all the reading for Japanese but the English meaning)
ParaFox314 Jun 30, 6:50 PM
it is Public but there is only one place to get an invite is on MAL which is ...odd to say the least you can't even get one on the discord itself so I ask...the wrong way (⌒▽⌒ゞ So does Beneath the Stars have a discord?

Dont get me wrong I love English just have a hard time with it like with "teach and taught" the only difference is the tense but to a different way to spell it but in Japanese's

It this reason why I love Japanese; the fact is the 26 letter, to me, make just get confusing when it comes to spelling. Take 僕 Boku 私 Watashi these to mean the same thing "I" but Boku is the kid version of Watashi.

As often how I use it well...whenever I can but If honest I can read it better the speck it as...well I want to get kanji out of the way so I get the hard part of the way as speaking it isn't too hard. Also, there symbols so my it easier to remember there yes 2000 but I want to learn them all...its a bit like pokemon.

So...yeah that why I love Japanese it hard but so rewarding (*≧▽≦) sorry for the rant...I got a bit Passion...sorry
Ayato-Hiragi Jun 28, 3:38 PM
Tentai-chan Jun 26, 6:17 PM
No (⊙_◎) just 2 languages only I'm good, just my native language and English only. Just basic of Japanese and still learning ~
Chinese language seems easy to learn but reading is not I think (≧▽≦)

I have Discord for communicating with my guild on games only. I suck on chats (≧▽≦)
I have Kik messenger too and I joined group chats but I really don't enjoy. I only have 1 important person I chat on Kik that's why I installed Kik app (≧▽≦) but he's kinda busy but somehow he completes my day (≧▽≦) I love MAL because when you chat people you can insert colorful gifs [img] something like that hahahah ~ I only did sports because of company provided, but I really like sports, I just become giving excuses to myself to not do sports because reasons like busy at work, tired, wanna watch anime or play games instead, lack of time but I know to myself is not good excuses (≧▽≦) I should make a way for my healthy living if I do really like to get back of sports activities. Tho I'ma lazy person now (≧▽≦)

Clean MAL inboxes? no I don't usually (≧▽≦) how about you? do you?
DraGonKinG7376 Jun 26, 1:33 PM
Yes! Because of exams now its finished I have time!
what r u watching?