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Feb 13, 2019
I never posted a review if its not a good one.
Over all 10/10 for me!

I really never thought that I would fall in love with its story! Very cute i got hooked so easily!

Story :
Its story is very interesting lots of twist that would make you want to finish this immediately! I cant even sleep without thinking what will happen next so I end up reading the next chapter. The story is jusy normal a human falls in love with a demon but there are lots of things happened that would make the story exciting! Their love story is very cute, sweet, young and read more
Jan 19, 2019

I love this manga, but to be honest I almost dropped this manga midway of reading it because I really cant get enough of Kurosaki and Teru's love story. I barely see them very romantic with each other though I know this manga has some action included but really I ship them soo much! When I thought there could be a possibility of being them so romantically gosh that would also be the end of the chapter! Leaving me depress! I
Its because prior to this i have recenlty read Faster than a kiss, though they never kissed I still find it satisfying because of their read more
Jan 11, 2019
I rate this 10/10 (i just enjoyed it so much!)

I really love this manga! I started reading this since I was college then I got so addicted but during that time this manga still ongoing i was very impatient of waiting so I stopped reading when it was already chapter 40 plus. But the story of this manga never been forgotten. I always recommend it because of it very cute story! Then now I finally checked that has already completed, I start over again within 24 hrs I finished it and now i keep reading my favorite parts of the manga!

I wanna say, this really read more