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rajumiika Jul 21, 2:46 PM
Everyone's been Spider-man by now, MJ having been one is almost a certainty.

It's not all a factory, that's just the lower city. All that wealth gotta go somewhere, so I'm sure people on the plate are living large. I just don't think it would be right if the whole first game without touching on the main character's back story, which at this point of the story would have to be his fake memories. He got trauma from getting stabbed by Sephiroth, becoming Hojo's test subject, Mako poisoning and seeing Zack getting murdered.

What do you mean nothing to play? There are tons of fantastic games like Senran Kagura Peach Ball. Seriously though, I've been playing Ultimate Alliance 3 all weekend and just finished. The gameplay isn't deep by any means, but it's pretty fun. I ended up playing the vast majority of the game with an X-men team (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Deadpool). There's still a bunch of content to go through, I still need to unlock Thanos, but I pretty much need to complete the game again on the higher difficulty that unlocked.

Nah didn't play beta. What a shame if it's really that simplified. I'm not a fan of even the auto-combo systems of some other fighting games, though any half-decent player will eventually learn to block any noob that relies on auto-combo. Winning a lot during betas isn't that unusual, that's when there's a lot of new players who haven't had the time to get good at the game yet. No practice in beta is not that surprising, DBFZ beta was that way too.

Don't know about fantastic, but still really good. I'm glad there's now a Spider-man film with Mysterio as the villain. I wonder what that one line about Flash's mother at the end was about, I guess it's teasing something for the next film. Also it's kind of weird how that one guy is maccing on MJ when he's an adult and she is a minor, call the police. I'm sure JJJ is now in MCU and he's great. Sadly we can't have him shouting "I want pictures of Spider-man!" at Peter now, since Mysterio just blurted out his identity. I personally would've preferred his identity not becoming public so early on, Peter struggling to keep his identity secret is a pretty big part of his character. I seriously hope that Mysterio's ploy of framing doesn't actually work, because there's the huge massive obvious flaw of the fact that the drones didn't open fire on a crowd, so there are no victims. To top it off, it's fucking London, there's more surveillance cameras than people there, surely a massacre would be recorded to like a hundred cameras. I really don't get the the post-credits scene was supposed to be. Nick and Whatsherface turn out to be goblins while real Nick is hanging in some dumb CGI place. CGI + goblins = Goblin Slayer crossover, GALAXY BRAIN PROBLEM SOLVED!

Man, Marvel just announced a million films. No X-Men announcement yet (though acknowledging the existence of X-men is kind of an announcement), but hey, I guess Blade is coming back in some form.
rajumiika Jul 2, 12:31 PM
I don't think previous Spider-man film franchises crashed because of red head MJ, I think they crashed because of continuous bad writing and casting decisions after the first two films, and plain superior competition. Like whose bright idea was that Eric Forman from That 70's Show would make a good Eddie Brock. Comic book MJ has been fine and dandy for decades, it it ain't broke don't fix it. And now Marvel Comics is shit because they tried to fix stuff that ain't broke. She's probably a feminist with awful haircut who doesn't even make any sandwiches for Peter in the comics by now.

I haven't had any issues with the DS4 Bluetooth latency and I'd say it is negligible, but then again, I don't use it on any high-performance games, I have a Hitbox for that. I have a wifi, so that can definitely cause interference, but I really never use wifi and play at the same time, since I still have my PC on cable. But since I do live in an apartment building, my neighbors wifis can interfere too, but I don't think that has ever happened, or at least it's been negligible enough for me to not notice.

Midgar is the biggest city in all of FF7's world, it's not reasonable to think that it would look the same in every district. And faraway aerial images are not a good way to how a city looks like in the ground. Even if they are going to die, that's not a reason to not give them a little bit more character. I didn't care about them all that much at all in the original game, so I'd like the remake make me feel for them. They wouldn't be Zack flashbacks, they would be Cloud's false memories. Cloud is PTSD'd to hell, and thinks he did all the things Zack did and doesn't remember Zack at all. It'd like Cloud's false memories to be hinted at earlier than the original game, since in that game the first hint was when the party arrived at Nibelheim that was mysteriously not burned to the ground. In fact Cloud's history was not touched at all until after Midgar, up until that point all there was the fact that he's Tifa's childhood friend, and that he joined SOLDIER.

Not busy really, my free time is just going overwhelmingly towards video games. And I probably wouldn't have even watched Gundam The Origin and Thunderbolt now if I wasn't a in a Gundam buff after the Japan trip. Golden Wind final battle is ongoing is really bizarre, look forward to it.

Well, it's reasonable to think that porting a game is a lot simpler than making a new game, especially when the port is from the previous Nintendo console to the current Nintendo console. The major thing they really have to rethink is the controls, since the game did utilize the Wii U tablet a bit. Yeah, Platinum ending their work with Relink is the least news I heard of the game. It just seems a bit worrisome how the studio that's handling the rest of the development has mostly just mobile trash under their belt. As far Granblue is concerned, I'm far more interested in Versus. Even if the roster seems like it will be tiny, the game looks fun as hell from what I've seen from the recent beta, and the game has a release window.
rajumiika Jun 27, 1:49 PM
I don't know, maybe they thought Captain Marvel would be the next fan favourite at the last minute.

I try to avoid sarcasm, because it just makes me look like an asshole, and I save being an asshole just for special occasions. Ain't nothing wrong with red heads, but I don't have any strong preferences on hair color, it all depends on how the lady wears it.

I suppose it was still the dark ages of controller support on PC back in the 360 launch times. Sometimes the DS4 driver just stops recognizing the controller, and I just have to remove and pair the controller again. Now it might have something to do with the Bluetooth signal quality, since this doesn't seem to happen if I turn on the controller right next to the Bluetooth dongle. I don't use the Steam drivers, because they don't work outside of Steam.

There's nothing that dictates that the entire city would have to look the same, they have a big canvas to work with, since most of Midgar has not appeared in the original game, so they can make it as interesting or as dull as they want. The same goes for Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, since their back stories are entirely unestablished, they have an opportunity to do it now. Zack scenes can be Cloud flashbacks, since Cloud is all kinds of fucked in the head and has conflated Zack and himself in his mind. While I wouldn't put it past modern Square to do something scummy like that, I really don't think they will do that. I'm just going look at my crystal ball of "I've seen this same shit happen so many times before" and say that Polygon and other social justice sites already have a hit piece ready to go no matter the crossdressing scene is done. I personally want to go turbo trashy, with Cloud already opening unzipping Don Corneo's pants and reaching for the Leviathan of his underwear before Tifa and Aeris bust in.

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the Vinland Saga anime. I've seen some trailer, and the animation quality looks great. No, I haven't watched new Index, but I guess I'll have to see why it sucks. My anime intake has been really low, as recently I've only watched some really good Gundam shows and my weekly Jojo.

Can I finally put away my W101 box, formerly known as the Wii U? I've never seen a game this good sell this poorly. Also reminded me that that I haven't heard anything of that Granblue game in a long time.
rajumiika Jun 16, 1:00 PM
That's true, but because it's public that Carol was added to the film at last minute, I just have to pick her appearances apart to figure out just how "last minute" it was.

Sure most people need training to use the Force, sensitivity is just a requisite. I guess Leia's Force powers just proved that Force has the ability to produce really bad CGI segments. I would be surprised if there hasn't been a royal family of force users in the extended SW canon, but my knowledge is really limited to the films, and the KOTOR games.

If by "relatable" you mean "an annoying teenager who speaks only in sarcasm", then sure, I guess I can relate. So yeah, I much prefer the classic redhead hottie MJ. I guess that didn't just connect, since he doesn't have the same family name, and I knew next to nothing of Miles.

There are fanboys for everything, I'm sure they exist for Google. It's not a matter of drivers, the wireless 360 pad simply does not communicate through USB. Xbone pad is better on this, since it can be connected by USB or Bluetooth, though I haven't bothered buying one, because the fucking thing doesn't come with a rechargeable battery. So the DS4 remains my go-to on PC, even if the drivers break all the time.

FF games really aren't as lengthy as most other recent RPGs, and 50 hours is kind of high for a FF game. There's actually a lot to expand with Midgar. It's a massive city, and the original game only took place in two of the eight sectors in the lower city, which leaves potential for most of the lower city, and the entire upper city. They probably can't stretch the existing story content to fit the length of a full game, so I hope they add something new giving back stories for Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. And maybe move some of the Zack stuff to this portion of the story. But most of all, I want rest of the game be playable as crossdressing Cloud, after the Don Corneo segment. Most figures can't stay balanced on their own, so I wouldn't fault that on Play-Arts. Literally the only things in my collection that are balanced are Gunpla.
rajumiika Jun 13, 1:38 PM
Did he really, or did he just say generic lines he could have said to any other character, but that character was later edited to Carol. Because Peter also talked to her, but his lines were so generic, that he could have said them to just about anyone, which lead me to believe that someone else was supposed to bail him out during the Thanos battle. Nah, Dante can also summon swords with Yamato.

Well, Han did bail Luke during the trench run when Vader was going to shoot him. It's more about personality than achievements though. If we were talking about achievements, only Jedi and Sith would matter. Force being hereditary is heavily implied by the fact that every Skywalker from Anakin onwards has been force-sensitive. So if they've got any Vader pubes lying around, they can just start cloning Siths. Nah, I'm talking about Disney making Old Republic films. The only proper way to kill Leia.

So Ock bangs MJ, that's some serious cucking. There's like a million different Goblins, I just only know Green and Hob. I don't think MCU MJ is an improvement, she's just Daria mixed with Lisa Simpson. The hell, that guy was Miles' uncle. Did they drop the name or something at some point?

Probably not, sculptors and manufacturers were different, and mine is a larger 1/6. Yeah, it is an original character, and yeah, the quality is great.

Do not forget the fanboys also. "No it's completely okay, human eye can't see half-second of delay." Not necessarily, the 360 wireless controller for one cannot be connected through the charging USB.

Omitting microtransactions from Jedi Fallen Order is just a temporary PR stunt, since it was EA's BF2 that broke the proverbial camel's back and caused several countries to look whether loot boxes constitute gambling. They'll be back to their usual shenanigans as soon as possible.

Paying for Uplay sounds like a bizarre idea. Personally, Uplay is actively repelling me away from Ubisoft games (if them being Ubisoft games was not enough). I don't know where you're pulling that length from that's not the standard length for Final Fantasy. You can definitely stretch some games to that, if you're being a completionist, but jesus christ who really has the patience to do all the hunts in XII. I'd expect something from the 30-50 range, though probably lower end of that range. I don't believe hearing about an open-world, so I need a source on that claim. Yeah, that prize is simply too much, considering that Play Arts figures really aren't all that good.

LOL, "who gives a fuck" is the most correct answer for bullshit questions.
rajumiika Jun 11, 10:32 PM
Man, this E3 was bad. EA show was bad, Jedi Fallen Order looks like a generic action-adventure game. MS show was bad, the only redeeming factor was Keanu. Bethesda show was astoundingly bad and I can't believe how full of shit the Bethesda spokespeople are, though the lady from Tango Gameworks is an absolute treasure, and Doom still looks good. Devolver's presentation was great, but I sure don't want to play any of those games. Ubisoft was bad, they showed so many Tom Clancy games, none of which was a new Splinter Cell. Square was okay, but only because of the VII info dump, and the fact I'll get to play VIII on Switch, but that Avengers game looks bad. Nintendo's show was best of the bunch but still also just okay, since they showed stuff for Link's Awakening and Stand Cops, and some other games I'm kind of looking forward to, and the Pokemon had that delicious chocolate honey, but still no Bayo 3 or MP4. I kind of understand now why Sony skipped this year, since if this was the quality for everyone else, it couldn't have been much better for them.
rajumiika Jun 9, 12:23 PM
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order looks like the most okay game I've ever seen. Like, I have no reason to suspect that it's going to bad so far, but I also really don't have any reason to expect it to be great either. It looks like a completely "by the numbers" third-person action-adventure game featuring an entirely milquetoast main character. But I suppose the only times EA takes risks is when they push the boundaries on how much they can sodomize their customers.
rajumiika Jun 7, 12:21 PM
I suppose Vulture didn't need an alias, since he really wasn't looking for attention, just to pull off heists. I don't know about the Captain Marvel film, but the fact that nobody ever calls her that in Endgame is because she was added into the film after all other filming was already done. Rocket is the only character who talks to her directly. Dante and Vergil have the same powers. Even if their weapons of choice are different, they're both weapon masters and have fought with each other's weapons. Just because someone becomes an ally doesn't mean that they weren't villains at some point in the story.

Solo got made solely because people really like Han and Lando. And honestly, Lando was probably the only thing I liked about the film, every other character is just awful. Supposedly they're now making a Star Wars film in the Old Republic era, which might actually be the best decision they can make right now, because they really need to get the fuck away from the Skywalker era. I suppose that would be viable in Star Wars universe. They do have cloning technology, so they could grow a new body. Though I don't know if there is any cases of a Force ghost taking over a new body. Though I suppose they wouldn't necessarily need Anakin's ghost, because Force affinity is genetic, so just a clone of Anakin could be enough. And creating an army of Vader clones sounds stupid enough for Disney to do. Oh you mean that fight that ended when someone else than Finn destroyed the starship? You could edit all the Finn scenes out of that film and it wouldn't change the story at all. I can't wait to see how they killed Leia off-screen.

Is superior Spider-man when Doc Ock became Spider-man? Yeah, I don't want to see the Incomniac game Ock in a skintight suit. Venom is obviously going to be in the sequel because of that teaser scene of Harry in the tube. Or maybe he'll be Venom Goblin or some dumb shit. MCU has already taken major liberties with the Spider-man lore by having Tony making Peter's tech, and by having bizarro-MJ instead of Mary Jane Watson. They really don't need to stick to Miles' actual origin story in MCU, just get the basics: get bitten by a radioactive spider and then daddy dies. Or Uncle dies. Wait which is is his canon origin story, is it his father or his uncle who dies? But either way, Osbornes should be introduced to MCU, since they're kind of important in Spider-man lore. Though we probably don't need to have Goblin as a villain again just yet, William DeFoe was already great in that role. Miles was already introduced in Homecoming? Man, I guess I don't remember that film as well as I thought.

Sukiyaki a mishmash of different things, but basically fried noodles, vegetables and sliced meat. 1000 yen is about 10 buckaroos. Not an exact rate, but close enough and easy to calculate.

That argument doesn't really mean anything because nobody would be buying a PS4 either for a hypothetically uncensored Omega Labyrinth.

That looks really nice, bridal lingerie is always a good choice. Probably going to pass up on it though, it's too similar to the one I have, and Yumi is not even my favourite. I want more Katsuragi. Haruka and Ryouna are pretty great too. Anyway, check it. There are some really fantastic optional parts too, but I don't think I can show those.

I can't wait to buy video games on Google Stadia and then paying a monthly for the privilege of accessing those games. I'm not saying there's not a market for something like this, but it is strictly not me. I have a great Internet connection, but I simply do not want any of that online lag in my single-player games. But the planet is full of peasants who love games like Assassin's Creed that already have input lag out the ass, so they won't mind. My favourite part about watching the Stadia infomercial on Youtube is all the times the video had to buffer. Can't even use that controller on my PC, because it doesn't appear to have Bluetooth.

Yeah, that Pokemon Direct actually made me less excited for new Pokeman.
rajumiika Jun 2, 10:35 PM
What, in Homecoming. I think that is the only film Vulture has appeared in. Nah man, villains with same powers can be cool. At least in video games, those Vergil fights in DMC3 and Jeanne fights in Bayo 1 are pretty cool. Solo was so bad it actually killed all the other upcoming Star Wars spin-off films. I'm fairly sure Disney simply does not have an overarching plan for Star Wars story, and they just do whatever. Falling to the Death Star power reactor and getting blown the fuck up seems like a survivable event to me. Could be worse, they could be bringing Vader back. I wouldn't expect much, because Finn was entirely inconsequential to the events of Last Jedi.

I know this really is just about taste, but I'd say it looks worse, because the recent chapters just look less realistic, and Miura's realistic art work is a big reason why I love Berserk. I think I mentioned this before already, but Casca looked like an alien in a recent chapter. Hey kids, don't break the law, but if you must, play Breaking The Law when you do. Nah fuck that, buying Playstation versions of games is still a last resort because of Sony's fuckery.

I gotta get one of those "adults only" curtains that they keep the lewd figures behind in the figure shops, and put it right at my front door. Hey maybe you'll have better luck with the sleeping if you can get a window seat. Sitting on an aisle seat is just plain impossible with people walking right next to me. Including Miles into the video game is cool, but the game would've been better off without those stealth segments. I'm sure they can do better stuff with him in the sequel, presuming he'll be playable in that. I wonder if he'll be introduced into the MCU.

Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish, octopus dumplings is takoyaki. I did have takoyaki also, they're alright, maybe too fishy for my taste. Food prizes ain't too bad, you'll get a good meal for less than 1000 yen pretty much anywhere.

I'll play Omega Labyrinth exclusively in public with my family. WITH SOUND! I don't understand why they are even bothering with PS4, there's no way that version will turn a profit. I understand that they're plainly pointing out stupid Sony are being right now, but I really wouldn't put lots of money behind that.
rajumiika Jun 1, 6:56 AM
Gotta love that thinly veiled diss at Sony at the end. Pre-ordering ten Switch copies right now.
rajumiika Jun 1, 3:23 AM
Vulture's back story was in the film. Vulture is a guy who got screwed over by The Man, and he's just taking the fight back to The Man. And he actually has some level of honor too, as he doesn't spill Spider-man's identity. What you talking about, all of the Internet black supremacists told me that Black Panther is the best film ever made. Hey, at least Rogue One is the best of all of these trash Disney Star Wars films. I mean, it might 100% because of that one rad Vader scene, but Jesus Christ, Disney is driving Star Wars to the grave. If Episode IX doesn't fix course, I'm just not going to see it. Although I doubt that will happen, when Disney is also pumping out Pirates films, and live-action adaptations of their classic cartoon films, each worse than the previous.

Evolution doesn't necessarily mean better, I think Miura's artwork is getting straight-up worse. Here's a pretty bad Griffith page from latest chapter (no spoilers, it's just Miura wasting time). I do genuinely recommend watching at least the last of the Golden Age films. I know exactly what sound effect you are talking about, because Berserk 2016 has exactly one CLANG sound effect. Strip clubs seem like a weird middle-point solution, just go the whole mile and visit a prostitute. Well, I guess prostitution is illegal in most countries, while strip clubs aren't, so I really wouldn't recommend breaking the law to get your balls drained. Unless you're doing it to the beat of Breaking The Law. I did go get bodied in GG a couple of times, I really didn't have a chance. Yeah man, that drum is just really satisfying There's a Switch version with a drum controller, and I'm looking forward to receiving it now. Probably not as satisfying, but I'm not throwing several grands on an actual Taiko machine I have no space for. I did consider seeking out those pachinko machines of dead Konami franchises, but I underestimated the sheer repulsiveness of the pachinko parlors.

I think that is an option, or just simply mailing the stuff to yourself. That would still be subject to customs and taxes, so I rather not try to mail large packages from Japan. Getting a stiff back over stiffy manga, how embarrassing. Yeah, I think lewd figures are generally more on the larger size, but they are also more limited items, since how many people realistically have the guts to keep one of those in display. I don't have anything lewder than my tan Yumi figure (yes, the top comes off). Ten hours direct. It really ain't that bad, you just have to keep distracted. I personally just can't sleep on a plane, and didn't do myself any favors by trying on the first flight. I just watched films on the return flight, and it was much better. Including Into The Spider-verse. Miles Morales is actually pretty cool when I don't have to play bad stealth sections as him.

Well, Nintendo are bathing in money again, so I guess they can afford to throw stuff at the wall now.

It does that just a few times of the day. Nah, that's a mall. I just grabbed some pretty good sukiyaki on the food court, no interest on all of those international fashion chains. Thanks, I don't drink coffee. Yeah those are newer ones. Unicorn released as a series of films, so the release took multiple years, and that's why also I haven't finished, as I caught up at some point, but haven't continued.
rajumiika May 31, 11:22 AM
Almost forgot to mention, I did go see the life-size Unicorn Gundam. It's pretty impressive up close, just the feet are as tall as I am. There was also an official Gundam store with just a massive amount of Gunpla on sale, though I didn't didn't pick any. I still haven't finished watching Unicorn Gundam even though it's pretty great. I really should watch Gundam Thunderbolt and Gundam The Origin also, I hear great things about those show.
rajumiika May 29, 10:35 PM
Interesting villains in MCU are a rarity, and I can name them all: Loki, Vulture, and Thanos. And I'm including Loki only because we've had multiple films to get to know him, I wouldn't list him if I just had first Thor to go with. Granted, I've yet to watch Black Panther and Captain Marvel, so I can't comment on the villains in those films. Even Doctor Strange wasted Mads Mikkelsen on a complete nobody villain, I loved that guy in Casino Royale. Speaking of 5-star Stand battles, the currently ongoing Green Day & Oasis fight is absolutely that, and soon it's Golden Wind final battle.

Nah, I handled everything myself, I don't particularly dig package trips, going at my own pace is much better. That ain't happening unless Schierke, Farnese and Casca become an idol group... which might happen considering Miura's interests and the recent evolution of his art style. And just to correct my shoddy research, apparently the first season was not all-CGI and the third season has not aired yet. You have no idea how painful it was to watch Berserk 2016 in it's entirety, hoping for it to get better. Those CGI-heavy Berserk films started out pretty rough, but they picked the fuck up, and the last one was genuinely great, so I had hope that might happen again. It doesn't happen. Okay, maybe half of them are Saber variations. I'm fairly sure there's no canon futa FGO waifu, so I'll just have to stick with the non-canon for the time being. You mean hostess bars? Nah man, I've played enough Yakuza to know that those are just huge scams, and if I'm paying money for lady company, I'd also like to leave without blue balls. Yeah I did visit arcades a couple of times, but I didn't stay there long, since there wasn't all that much I wanted the place and they are very noisy. I did like playing Taiko no Tatsujin for real finally. And Jesus Christ, the pachinko parlors just emanate unpleasantness: flashing lights, loud noises and the tobacco stench you are subjected to from just walking past one.

Oh believe me, you would. You gotta see those Akiba shops man. It all depends on what you're taking with you. Figures are light, but take a lot of space even without the boxes. But they do come in many prize grades, and there are some decent cheap ones. Manga is easy to pack, but the weight adds up quickly. I effectively doubled the weight of my luggage with these purchases, as I went in with just two weeks worth of clothes. Of course getting another bag is an option, but I don't like having more pieces of luggage than I have available hands. Yeah, some doctor goodness in there, though I picked it for the teacher-loving. Yeah lots of these were just original characters. The thicker volumes on the left are compilation books from professional H-manga artists, so they're not doujin publications. Except for the Hidamari Sketch compilation book, that's still a doujin publication. Hey maybe I would've gotten a lewd statue, but those are expensive, and I was dealing with the customs-free limit. I did have fun, and I do absolutely recommend it.

That's an impreessive amount of Pokemon stuff I don't care about. Just give me Pokemon Sword and Shield. I just want plain-ass Pokemon on my TV without motion controls.
rajumiika May 28, 4:48 PM
Back in the dreary ol' Finland now, so it's time to check the loot. Yamato and Hanekawa statues were kind of momentary cheap-o decisions, but I really like the Gyro statue, and bought it immediately. It was the only one I saw in all of Akiba's figure shops too, so I have to presume it's rare. And Bruno Bucciarati-themed chopsticks since I don't actually have any chopsticks, so might as well get some cool ones. Maybe those Astolfo and Megumin trinkets reveal my power level too much, but that Zero Helmet one is real subtle and sweet, so I'll think I'll be sticking at least that on my backpack. And then all the yogurt-eating manga. I might've gotten a little carried away. In my defense, I had to use the customs-free souvenir allowance on something.
rajumiika May 27, 3:39 PM
I think street level villains have much more potential for interesting stories than than villains that are essentially gods. The godlike villains have such an array of super powers that a writer just can anything from their ass. The street villains on the other hand are usually limited to very few gimmicks, and I like the idea of doing in-depth exploration of all the things you can do with just that one thing. Jojo villains are a lot like this, since they always have just one Stand with one specific ability. Yeah, Dio had an army but he figured it would be a very short manga if he just sent them all at once, so he stuck to the monster-of-the-week tradition. And each member of his army was interesting on their own. Well, most of them, nobody really cares about Tower of Gray.

Shiho is a huge exclamation mark on how big of an student-fucking asshole Kamoshida (let's ignore the fact that i homed in staight for that teacher pussy on my first playthrough).

But Gintama is the only a Shonen Jump anime that will teach you about Tokyo's red light districts. Cyclists in Osaka are absolutely insane, I'm not doing that. It was the Kyoto temple tour that really did a number on my feet. The local railways in Osaka and Tokyo are marvelous, they'll get you fairly close to all the cool places. Bang Dream is on third season apparently. I caught an episode on TV, and it's an all-CGI show. The CGI is actually really good though, and I wouldn't mind watching something like that, if the content was otherwise interesting. FGO is the Unlimited Waifu Works, there's a waifu for every taste. The game is some hot mobile trash though, so I'll just stick to the porn. All the good Astolfo doujins are sold out, so no.