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Aug 10, 2011
strange that i see only one review on this manga although it`s such an amazing manga

story : natsume yuujinchou talks about a boy who can see youkai the main idea might sound so not original but i advice you not to give up on it just because of that the story progress and the themes of the chapters are the description of originality itself (the book of freinds , good youkai , bad youkai ,the ugly fat cat lol ,freindship , love ) the manga is full of different themes and different situations also what differentiates this from the normal youkai mangas is that read more
Aug 2, 2011
i don`t see any reviews for this manga so i decided to give my opinion

story : quite good and unique in it`s own way it focuses on 2 things the romantic story between the main chracters that`s full of obstacles and the feelings of different patients who needs organ transplants and have to wait a long time for their turn to come

art : well the art is good but honestly not the type i prefer still it served the purpose well

characters : not unique but the story shows every good and bad aspect of each character which is why it`s amazingly captivating

overall read more
Jul 25, 2011
okay so i will start my review with how i got into this anime first i saw the anime when searching for something to make me laugh i saw the title and it caught my attention then after reading the summary i was only attached to the fact that unlike normal when there is only one girl and everyone is after her this anime has a different girl each episode with different types of troubles

story : anyone can say from only the summary that the story is so lame but if you ignored the hole station thing with the guys it could look pretty read more
Jun 18, 2011
okay since no one reviewed this before i decided to write one

story : in terms of story i guess it`s not anything new country guy who changes himself to satisfy the girl he loves but the development of the story is great later also the heroine best manga that she gets her ideas from is just soooo cute the fact that it redicules a lot of common pattern in mangas is just so cute

art : typical bishounen art with a lot of roses and cheesy line but still kinda attract girls personally i liked the art

characters : the characters are so read more
Nov 20, 2010
the anime is an adaptation to the famous manga shinrei tantei yakumo which was originally a novel there are 2 versions of the manga an old one that finished after the second volume while the second one is still on going

the anime is using the new drawing style of the new manga generally the story is about yakumo who has a red eye that can see the souls of the dead he believes that these souls were once humans and they are not evil he meets haruka and she thinks that his red eye is beautiful

the anime focuses on the drama of yakumo read more
Aug 18, 2010
i can`t give this manga a satisfying review no matter how i tried

this manga is a must i`m sure no matter who you are you won`t hate this manga even if you are not the type who loves shojou manga why ?

because this manga is unique in everything it`s not a typical shoujo manga at all
the characters are unique their interaction together is amazing

everything in the manga is cute the story is great and the progress in it is very good

at first when i started reading it i thought i will find the same type of shoujo manga with the read more
Jul 28, 2010
marmlade boy is a very good shoujo manga it made me cry and laugh and feel the pain of the characters too

besidemiki and yuu it has a couple of other love stories in it like meiko and her teacher namura and miki best freind geinta and arimi

i can say it is very interesting though the story sometimes tend to be so predictable but it also makes you want to see what you predicted being acted by the characters i have to say one of the things i liked is the actors voices whether it`s the English or the Japanese version they read more
Jul 25, 2010
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i don`t know how to review this

but let`s see the story is a little too strange and when i say too strange i mean it
the hole idea of fortune telling is strange enough but having a buliding that doesn`t allow people working in it to go to school or go outside is so strange

the idea is strange but that`s what makes it interesting that`s why i have to say i enjoyed it

the art is good and cute and the characters are good too

i recommend this if you are searching for a strange and light story but don`t get read more
Jul 25, 2010
i don`t know if i should say this but unlike everything this manga captivated me so fast

i really wished it had more

the male and female lead are so good though not original characters they are so good

the story could have been better if it was longer

even still i liked the romance in the story and the progress in it
Jul 25, 2010
the plot is so unoriginal in my point of view it`s the same idea of love triangle between childhood friends that was presented in different things

the characters are like all shoujo mangas but at the same time each one has it`s own specialty like sou who is always angry loves pokemon so much and hinata loves painting , anna is also a little different on how she looks at everything ,she is the type of character who is always confused about what she is doing

( i have to say that usually i hate this type if mangas when the heroine is read more