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Sep 16, 2017
I watched this movie in cinema in my city, I am basically glad that a lot of anime movie was airing in Indonesia.

The story is typically at the last arc of Kuroko no Basuke : Last game. but the story was getting twisted in the last, it's not appear on manga.

Basically I don't know it is okay or not.But I guess the twist is something for making stronger Kuroko and Kagami's bond.

But for game between Vorpal Sword vs Jabberwock was good, even there are some of really fast pace, because the format for this arc is movie. But for some of beginner (who is read more
Oct 13, 2016
I guess because I was starting to know just 'Iku' in this anime before. I follows the series but only for several seiyuu and in a month their song become addicting thing in my playlist.

The story more revolve to their life as idol and normal person. Good baits for shipping, if you are yaoi fans and I enjoyed this season because I did not see the 'over idol' as I remain calm to watch this series.

Well, having big issues for the character is make me thing they are human though, which kind different with other series, because I don't watch too much anime idol flaws.

But read more
Dec 20, 2015
First thing in my mind is 'it will well to watch' since I really hooked with the theme and seiyuu, (well main seiyuu is Kamiyan). Enjoying first and second episode, but in the third episode I didn't really know, why I have the imoutou of protagonist. And after looking for 5 episodes, I dropped it.

I hyped because the theme is 'otaku's genius' and saw first episode was epic. But next story just so bland. I don't know because it's seiyuu, since I know that Rena Matsui was graduated member of idol, or just me because my preference.

I hope in the next work, they can upgrade read more