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Mar 27, 2020
Colors. They are many types of colors in this world, beautiful ones and ugly ones, But many! In this world, our life can expressed as colors, for example, take yourself, you, a person has many qualities, some of them are bad, and some are good, but that's the same thing which makes us alive. Sometimes in life, it doesn't actually matter if what u r doing is good or bad, what actually matters is if what u r doing makes u feel alive. In life, at some time we might want a whole bunch of cool and good-looking stuff, but after some time read more
Mar 25, 2020
"Misunderstanding" is a word which is not new in our life. We have to deal with every now and then. Sometimes it's for the better good and usually it makes a lot of trouble for everyone who's involved. But still, we have to admit that it somewhat made our life exciting or atleast took us out of the bored we've been going through xD. "Last Game" is the manga I read just now and now I'm reviewing it, basically the whole plot of this manga was "Misunderstandings". This manga seems like a typical shoujo manga in the start, however that's not the case when u read more
Mar 3, 2020
Living in this world we meet a lot of ppl, some of them are those who we like while some are we don't. Some of them are ppl we want to stay forever with and some of them are that we just want to get rid of them somehow. "Fate" is a just a word and an abstract noun for some of us,but for some, it's not. For some,Fate is the thing which made them who they are today and fate also decided the ppl they get to be with today. This manga portrayed the word"Fate" and how it can affect others life. In this read more