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Sep 17, 2017
This is a tough show to really review.

I really liked what this show started as, a reverse isekai that finally does something we've been begging for years, a CROSSOVER between different animes. It creates generic anime heroes and characters from many existing shows and pits them battle royale against each other. The vast majority of the characters are fleshed out well, and coupled with a strong OP, great voice actors and amazing art, for the first half of the show I thought I was watching a masterpiece.

At some point, the writers deemed it necessary to buff the antagonist in order to counteract a plot hole read more
Sep 9, 2017
I have very mixed feelings about this show. What started off strong as a feudal era samurai show with stuff from the future kind of like drifters basically just collapsed in on itself, I can't even bring myself to care enough to follow the plot anymore and am probably just going to end up dropping it. The show starts with some very nice artwork but it lacks basically anything else.

The cast is painfully generic, there are way too many people and not enough actual character development. People get killed or injured or replaced in a lot of the episodes, and the villains are faceless armies read more
Jun 30, 2015
"Gonna be the twintails!" is a show created by otakus, for otakus, that makes fun of otakus.

From the get-go, it revolves around an invasion of otaku aliens from another planet who feed off the positive energy humans give through their love. Essentially they are a bunch of perverted losers who leech off of others and ruin people's lives, sound familiar?

Our heroes, a group of twintailed heroines must use their love of twintails to fuel their magical girl powers in order to defeat these monsters, thus saving the human race. Along the way, it's a hilarious journey with perverted humor, (Like gender bending, tentacles read more
May 26, 2015
Fumoffu takes place immediately following season 1 of FMP, while FMP isn't exactly required, I'd recommend watching it to get the backstory of fumoffu, and honestly it was pretty good for a mecha so you'll probably enjoy it anyway.

Anyway, at its core, this was a slice of life comedy, it took all of the best moments from season 1 and created a spin off series based on it. It stars Chidori, a normal high school girl with a special background explained in season 1, and Sosuke, a highly trained military soldier who lacks any personality beyond his vast military background, who was assigned to protect read more
Nov 26, 2014
"Dick-jokes the anime", these were the words that got me interested in this show, and it I couldn't describe it any better. It starts off seeming like a typical romcam/harem, but Seitokai Yakuindomo has its own unique genre of humor that sets it apart from the norm.

As a show with constant references to dildos, cum, sex, incest, boobs, panties, dicks and literally everything dirty you can honestly think of, in a show about high school girls, you would think this would be ecchi, but it's not. It's a slice of life anime with some of the most creative and unique comedy I have ever read more
Oct 28, 2014
I recently re-watched Shinsekai Yori, and let me say, I gave it a 10/10 the first time I watched it. I could summarize the plot like many others have done, but honestly, it really doesn't do the show justice until you watch it.

It begins extremely slowly, and everything seems like filler, which makes it very easy to pass over. Around the middle of the show, a series of events happen that make you reconsider everything that happened thus far, and you realize all the seemingly random events are connected. From this point on, it gets darker and more and more mysterious.

Arguably the best read more