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Dec 31, 2009
Art: Terrible, this Anime was made in 2008. Main character designs were terrible. Animation greatly improved on the last episode. Shame on production group.

Sound: Decent OP and ED, placement of sound did not help at all with the storyline. See various instances, ep x and ep x. Let's have suspenseful music on a lovely lovely scene.

Character: Never have I seen side characters I could care less for. Two main characters have some instance of hope later on during the series with slight character development. (after ep 7)

Enjoyment: I would not recommend this anime to friends, family, but to hardcore romance Anime fans, enjoy, you read more
Oct 17, 2009
Recommend to me by a couple friends who watched all the new anime series such as : Love Hina, DNA2, H&C, Suzuka, etc and this Anime blows them all away.

Made in the 80s , so don't expect too much as far as artwork goes. Very low level of fanservice, but considering the animation was made in the 80s, It is quite good. The artwork lack is made up 10 folds by the Storyline.

The bgm/ost is beautiful. It felt as if I was in the 80s. The music blended very well with the story unfolding. We have the jazz from the main character, the Jrock/punk playing read more