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Jun 20, 2015
When news about this series was launched, I somewhat had mixed feelings; the original Fate/Stay Night was so horrible, I pity myself for watching it, while Fate/Zero was absolutely fantastic, plus Ufotable, responsible for Fate/Zero, were producing it.

That brings me to Fate/Stay Night UBW.

In short, I'd say that this series was absolutely stunning. I'm so glad it didn't turn out like the 2006 one.

Story- 8
Granted, the story was not as compelling as Fate/Zero. However, I was deeply surprised by the dark elements that were introduced. The 2006 one felt like a sad piece of shit, where viewers are supposed to feel sorry for Shiro throughout, read more
May 3, 2015
Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers) is one of those anime that will leave you glad after having watched it. It is not merely a story of an older sibling having fallen behind, but is much more intriguing. The challenges of realising your dream, working hard to achieve it, finally fulfilling it, and even some of the difficulties that arise for you to sustain it, all of these are beautifully depicted in this anime. Sure, it is almost 100 episodes long; but, by the end of the anime, you would merely treat it as another number.

Stunning visuals and voice acting are probably the best aspects of this read more
Apr 10, 2015

Death Note, Death Note, Death Note. I can't even remember the number of people who had suggested this anime, and claimed this to be the best of them all. Fair enough, I gave it a watch. Dropped it the first time after 20 episodes, can't really explain why. That was a few years back; maybe I wasn't ready for such genres yet, as I, like every other adolescent boy, was happy watching typical mainstream shounen.

So, after improving my anime knowledge over the years, I finally decided to give it a second chance. This time around, the impression it has left me is slightly read more
Mar 28, 2015
Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Root A has turned out to be disappointing so far.

After the disappointment of the first season, where the story pace felt vastly off, making it difficult to follow, I was expecting Root A to work on some of the deficiencies which held it back. Sadly, it didn't turn out that way.

There are two main points which I disliked about Tokyo Ghoul so far. Character and plot. Forgettable characters, with unmemorable plot, combine to deliver a, rather, average anime, despite its brilliant sound and art.

Out of all the characters that have been introduced so far, none of the them have read more
Mar 13, 2015
As I write this review, I sit beside a bucket full of the manly tears that I shed.

Clannad, Clannad: After Story, what an emotional rollercoaster it has been. You made me laugh like a fool, then cry my heart out, all in the blink of an eye.

I really wish the writer(s) got a Booker for the story. Everything from the start to the end was beautifully planned out. Each and every episode felt relevant, adding more quality to the characters and plot.

Individually, Clannad was good; it depicts the life of a high school delinquent, till he meets the love of his life. Typical high school read more
Jan 15, 2015

Firstly, I apologise for the strong use of words in this review, but there is no other way to describe this anime. Next, for reviewing purposes, I'll divide this entire anime into 2 parts- the SAO arc and the ALO arc.

From the beginning, this anime has been overhyped, so much that I actually spent my valuable time watching it. Since this was also the first game-based anime I had watched, and since I was a gamer myself, I was curious about how they represent a game in anime terms.

The first SAO arc was quite enjoyable, honestly. Well, things happened, read more
Jan 8, 2015
This review will not give detailed explanations about how good / bad this anime is with respect to FMA:B, but it will highlight why it has stood out as another independent masterpiece.

As most of you know, this version, the older version, largely deviates from the manga after a certain point, as the manga could not keep up with the anime.

FMA:B, on the other hand, follows the manga to its core.

Having said that, many would assume that the 2003 FMA would be worse than FMA:B, as it deviates from the manga. This is not the case.

FMA and FMA:B are both enjoyable.

I have viewed FMA twice (the read more