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Sep 27, 2020
Here is a short review, this anime is so god damn dogshit on porpus that is just a big shitpost, you question yourself sometimes how can the voice actors not laugh at the cheesy and "cool" lines that the main chracter (Anos) drops, the animation was above your average trash fantasy anime, and the 3d usage was actually really good, if you want to have a good laugh i recommend this anime so bad, if you wanna know what the story is about you have penty of 3/10 reviews that explain it really well.

Like, I can't even be mad at this shit, its so god read more
Apr 29, 2020
Full on spoiler review because I just talk about some things in specific regarding the show

The show did start with a bang in some way but it didn't end with one but just with a good ending, still, actually quite good anime overall, i was kinda doubting to watch this one becuase all the top reviews that show on the frontpage of this anime are saying how terrible it is and even downplaying the animation of it, the animation did decay from the start till the end, for example at the start the Izetta raiding her rifle had way more organic movement and was more read more
Apr 2, 2020
Violet Evergarden : Eternity and the Auto memory doll is sadly, from the bottom of my heart I hate to say this even after what happened with kyoani, but its underwhelming, it is on par with the show but doesn't surpasses the show, there are even episodes that in less time managed to build a character and make me even cry for their stories which is why i loved the show in the first place, this could have been just another episode really, but as a standalone product it is inferior, the visuals, I think they are even better than the one's seen in the read more
Mar 14, 2020
Warning opinion

This anime is utter trash that doesn't understand comedy and video games or video games communities in mmos, on how people found ways into cut content if wow, how people exploit broken games, this hypothetical games is a disaster of game design which would be funny to watch fall apart while the devs try to see how they can change shit without getting the community angry because they unintentionally designed some "features" like what happened with gunz gameplay that was so broken the developers didnt know how to change it or improve it. Or skate 3 no more explanation needed, when you deliver a read more
Feb 21, 2020
Its so bad its actually ridiculous and funny, characters are really stupid in some cases, there is a chance of you either loving this or just hating it with your guts.

As a technical standpoint the sound design is really good with all the hit sound effects and everything feels like the sounds you would hear in a movie like karate kid from 2010 (i think?), the story is just stupid after episode one alongside its characters and the animation worsens the more you watch it, the more you watch the more you notice the artstyle is odd and ugly in a lot of cases and read more
Jan 28, 2020
Tanaka-kun is a manga that brings a smile to my face every time i read a character, because of the problems it usually show, they are not really a big deal and its about students living a day by day life which their only preoccupations are what i so about this thing or this other thing, nothing epic, nothing really serious going on like for example Sakuraso or things like that, just wholesome shit going on in almost every episode, to give an example of the amount of seriousness this has a character had a personality crisis because she couldn't be as lazy as Tanaka, read more
Jan 7, 2020
Just Because! is one of those animes that is not for everyone and most people are going to hate as you can see in the treads of the forum because it has a "major flaw" that is you don't know the back story of the characters other than a few things.

This anime doesn't aboard itself like a regular high school slice of life anime, you are just a camera following the characters in 3rd year of high school struggling with what this year represents and see them struggle with life without knowing this characters backstory which is why i love this, its just life in read more
Jan 6, 2020
"Hoshiai no Sora is not your average sports anime" its worst.

In short it lacks depth in the sports part and animation, the drama part lacks how to do drama properly and feels like a soap opera instead like "que estas haciendo con la liciada" levels.

Trying to address modern day problems won't make your show better or more competent at all, and its not a new concept, nothing presented in this show other than the soft tennis club kids having drama its a new concept, but this show has the problem of trying to bite more than what it can eat ending up with read more
Jan 3, 2020
This "review" its kinda super subjective, the why of the 9 i gave to this anime its simple, its like re-experiencing the wii game Fragile Dreams in some way, that game is one of my personal favorites, and this anime had that feeling and surpassed it, with the melancholic depressing tone of a post-apocalyptic world, the difference, this world its actually one I the spectator don't recognize as my own, its too different to what we have now, which made me have a similar experience as the girls to what the fuck was going on in this twisted version of the earth.

Now being serious, this read more
Dec 17, 2019
This is another anime i have to add to the good potential but not good enough execution. Well not that much badly executed but not having time to execute the story.

First of all I really love the soundtrack of this, i still listen to it after months of watching the movie.

But lets go to the important stuff, the elephant in the room its the visuals of the cgi shit, and they are ps2 like which makes sense giving the fact Gonzo made cinematics for videogames before doing this, but even with the crappy cgi in today's standards I still think it has good action even read more