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Nov 23, 2015
Other than the art, this is shit. This review is gonna be pretty short, I'm only writing it because there is no review.
So, in terms of plot, there's this guy, he's a sadist. He works at a video store. This other guy constantly gets sadomasochistic porno from his store. The video store guy thinks he wants to have sex with him. Shit happens, he gets raped by the other guy. I don't care if you like rape in fiction, but I had no warning and well. It surprised me and i was angered. They could've became cute consensual boyfriends, yet the author fucked up. 0/10, read more
Aug 7, 2015
This review is only for one of the stories in this; the sixth one, "keyhole". I couldn't find scanlations of the others. Keyhole is about a doorknob characterized as a woman. This doorknob's "keyhole" is her clitoris. I only read this because it looked fucking hilarious; and I sure did get a whole bunch of laughs. I never expected people to find doorknobs sexy.

The character's shit, but most hentai as shit character anyway - so this is no exception. Besides, hentai readers and viewers don't give two shits about character - they care about how big the tits are.

The art's fine, but nothing special. read more
Jul 9, 2015
leon said it was great
art: 10. leon said it was great
sound: 10. leon said it was great
story: 10. leon said it was great
character: 10. leon said it was great
enjoyment: 10. leon said it was great
overall: 10. leon said it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 7, 2015
My only motive for writing this is the fact that there's no reviews for it yet. This review's probably shit; I didn't even bother to correct my grammar, because I'm a lazy ass hole.

This is a swimsuit episode, yet it's not full of fanservice. I don't mind fanservice, though. We've got our cute little bishoujos and comedy elements, so it's pretty much just a normal episode with three times the length.

Did I mention this was my first review? I didn't at the start because that makes it looks like a shitty review. But this is a shitty review.